Friday, January 21, 2005

Fry day....

I should write something, but I'm bored and out of imagination for the day...  

I took Gracely to 'Pizza King', an Indiana establishment since 1956-according to their napkins :)  They have enclosed booths, like on a train car-it's very private.  Each booth has a (coin operated) TV/video games, an intercom to wait staff for requests, and the best part of all-they have a model train that brings the drinks to your table! 

It is really cool for Grace, being a train girl and all :::winks:::  She had her little face pressed so hard against the plexi-glass enclosure trying to see the train coming.  Once it stops at your table, you can open the door (a magnet released when the train stops on a lever) and remove the beverages~it is so neat.  

Of course, the rest of the time she was being a little snot- testing my patience.  I guess she's at that age now.  Lord, help me.  Maybe my Dad has the right idea of having all baby animals (including humans) in twos, so they can pick on and bug each  Nah, I'm happy with one and I'm sure hoping this is a phase of stepping out on independent feet.  

Did I tell you guys I signed up for a parenting class through Purdue U?  Well, I did.  Its the Early Childhood Education Dept sponsoring and I signed up through Gracie's preschool (where the classes are, too).  Now get this, I took a survey last week.  It took all of 30 minutes and they paid me $15.  I took a second survey tonight (2 hours!) and they paid me $45.  The classes are the next 8 Mondays (someone from Tag Lounge remind me of the Craft of the Week, please!--I totally spaced last weeks, I think~Sorry, Dana) from 6-8 pm.   

They provide dinner from 5-6 (I'll still be at work then..booo!), childcare for free, ready?.... they pay me $50 per class!!  Is that a deal or what?! 

I'm already a huge Purdue U fan anyway, but WOW, I'm in their corner all the way now :)  I get money to learn--unheard of!  I've been doing everything I can for some cash, shy of selling myself (though there were moments...), now I have a job and this little bit will help until my first check next Friday.  Yea!  

Oh, and Wayne is giving me $50, too (don't fall out of your chair,  Though I did ask him for it to get some things, I've been doing a lot of work for him lately, so I don't feel guilty about asking.  I still have a hard time saying the words, I started today with "How's your cash flow?  I know you're trying to pull this event off in March..blah, blah"  He said it wasn't so great, why?  So I told him I needed to borrow $50 (with him, my 'borrows' mean 'have', he knows).  Then I said never mind,  and we changed the conversation.    

He called back 15 minutes later and said he'd bring a check after work tonight, when he picked up some stuff I did.  Cool!  He may have felt guilty, he says he's been really sentimental here lately.  I told him its old age setting in  :)   What?!  He'll turn 50 next month and still parties like a college frat boy.......  He's aiight, he just fell in love with the wrong     

Shout out to Jaime, over at Chase~n~kids, for taking the #2 spot in this week's Editor's picks!  She's my most favorite Alaskan J~Lander  :)  If you haven't been by her place, I highly recommend partaking....  Next to Groovy, Mrs. #2 has me rolling on the floor with the antics of her family and work life.  Way to go, Jaime!  Most lavish praises your way, Love.....  

Ok, that about wraps up my day into evening.  I'm going to veg-out in a game or two and try to finish up a Cat House tale.  

Ya'll have a nice night now, ya hear?  



djzgirl71 said...

Still picking my jaw off the floor girlfriend!  Damn!  HOT DAMN!  He DOES have a brain!  Glad things are going ok for sound so upbeat!  I want to go to Purdue to learn!  Where do I sign up???


thelovetrain said...

The school reads like a spectacular idea, Cat, and I dig those green surveys.

Good deal... [:P]

~Love you, 'B'

vernae69 said...

First, loving the song in your J.....The Pizza King sounds awesome!

I hardly take my kids out to eat anymore, but my Mom has no problem with it, my kids are BIG fans of Red Robin.

Your Dad was right...having more than one is easier, gives them someone else to annoy other than u!


visionarydiva1 said...

Hey Cat the kids have been begging me to take them to Pizza King I don't know if it is for the pizza or the games. I personally don't like the pizza there but o well I think it is a kid thing.


quartrlyfecrysis said...

Heh heh heh...i don't know if i'm laughing cause of what you wrote or cause of the painkillers but that's too friggin funny.
Train...too cool!  I want one ;)
Babies by 2's...I shoulda known better than to have just one ;)
Lemme get this straight, THEY pay YOU to take the class?!  That's in-freakin-credible!
Borrow...hehehe, I'd always 'borrow' a smoke and tell them I'd give it back when I was done...hehehe...k, I"m loopy!
Ooooh, did I hear cat house?!
Take care doll!!!