Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Cars, Kids, and questions, oh my.....

My time at the daycare went by really fast today!  It was only two and half hours but I had all the kids in my lap before I left, so if it was up to the kids-I'm hired :)  

Mom's car needed to go to the shop, so Dad took me, then they dropped Mom's car off.  He took Mom to work, then it was time to come get me.  So he and Gracie came in to get me  :)  

There is a maximum of 14 kids in a room, with a lead teacher and 3 assistants (I'm one).  The lead teacher didn't speak two sentences the entire time I was there.  I'm not even sure she made eye contact with me.  I noticed she was the same way with the other two.   

Another assistant told me some of the routine after snack time.  I love this girl-we could hit it off-if I get the job.  The other asst. is an older woman, who is friendlier than the lead, but not as much as the one who helped me.  

I basically observed, which was fine, but boring.  So after the kids had snacks, they were turned back into their corral for more playtime.  I sat on the floor, playing with a ball when one little boy came over and played with me.   

Then it was like every kid wanted to play, I got a little involved in our games--its been a long time since I've had babies to play with--when I looked up again, the asst (who helped me) and I had all the kids between the two of us.  The lead was writing notes, and the other asst. was watching us.  

The director said she would call this afternoon :::fingers crossed:::  

Now, if I had to base this job on what the lead thought, I'd bet I don't get it--being as she didn't have too much to say to me.  I always think people look at me and just say automatically that I won't be able to handle it physically.  Why do people associate fat with weak?  I bet I could bench press the teacher, easily.  Hee heee heeee  

Despite my appearance, I am very strong.  I have always been a weight lifter, just not been consistent since Grace was born.  In my peak lifting years, I could get 200 pounds over my head without a sweat.  I have muscles, they're just kind of buried at the but they are still there.  

The only problem with this daycare that I noticed was they are all white kids.  I didn't see any non-white kids -not in other rooms, or walking down the hall.  I'm hoping I'm wrong.  

I also overheard the nice asst. say to the lead "God hasn't provided me a husband yet to have kids."  My heart sank a moment because I told the director I had a daughter, but never said anything about marriage or husband (she didn't ask either).   

Oh, I should mention this daycare is through a Presbyterian Church.  I know precious little about different sects of Christianity.  I mean, come on-they all have their interpretations of God's rules, I just never desired to study them all.  I hit the main topic-Christian-and stopped there.  I couldn't tell you the difference between a Baptist, a Methodist, a Lutheran, etc....

I don't get it really.  If they all read the same book and believe in God, and Jesus as his son-aren't they all the same thing??  By the way, Gracie attends preschool at the United Methodist Church, I like the place, too.  

I'm up for enlightening on this one, if there are any takers.....  



sugar1337 said...

Ya most protestant christian denominations are alike minus a few ritual based things/beliefs.  They are all christian when it comes down to it though.  I hope you get the job you want! :)

thelovetrain said...

Okay, so you're yanking my chain, right, -- 200 over your head? Is that like, while on your back doing a bench press, or were you referring to a military press (standing, overhead)?

Fingers crossed here, on the job. [:)]

~Former 225 bench, 275 squat 'B'

sarajanesmiles said...

Sounds like it went really well :o)
My son just left pre-school last year, I know from chatting with his teachers there that they looked for people that the kids liked - sounds like the kids all liked you - and that would fit in well with the staff too - sounds like you hit it off with at least two of them.  You demonstrated that you have plenty of energy, shouldn't matter how much you weigh!!!  
Let us know!
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you doll!
Maybe it's me, but I certainly don't associate fat with weak.  In my mind it's the other way around.  My tiny ass was always trying to hang with the jock girls in the gym, when I did weight training in HS I was always trying to get up to what they lifted.  At my prime I benched 125 and pressed 100, I got nothing on you.  Not to mention kids love big women.  I kid you not, if I couldn't get Pey to stop crying or go to sleep when she was a baby I'd give her to my roommate and Pey would go right to sleep on her boobs.  The skinny chicks got nothing on you!
All the religions get confusing to me...all I know is Methodist is like guilt-free Catholic.
Good luck Cat ;)

vernae69 said... you're on my turf, I work from 8 to 5:30, luckily it's in my home, so pj's is my required uniform hahaha.  As far as the lack of "black" kids, we have been doing daycare for over 20 years, and have had only 4...out of probably 1000 kids.  Could be where I live, I don't know, but I have had black friends, and they all seem to stick together, they find a place and the rest follow, and those girls all lived in a homeless shelter too, it was kinda sad, knowing that after a day spent in a daycare they didn't have a real home to go home to...did that make sense?

visionarydiva1 said...

I am sure that you will get the job. You are already cool with the kids and that is a good sign.


redbaranjj said...

I am so glad it went so well for you today!!  Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!!  :)