Sunday, January 23, 2005

Death of a dream, and a Legend.....

It was a sad day in football for us as the Steelers got stomped by the Patriots.  It was a terrible game.  I don't know who New England is paying, but I hope its big bucks.    

So, Superbowl XXXVIIII is set as Philly attempts to win against the NFL's Mafia Team.  Oh, Sorry Sie, for the Falcons loss,  :(    I share your pain.....  

I don't really care who wins now, but my dislike for The Pats is strong enough that I'm jumping on the Eagles band wagon.  

Brian Dawkins  

Come on, you guys know you can't take another year of that damn Patriot Commercial...'Not today, not tomorrow, not next week....not in our house'...... anymore than I can!    

Thank God Nascar starts soon--  Go Newman #12....      

Another sad note, Johnny Carson died today at almost 80 years old, from emphysema.   He was a great, funny man with a bunch of laughs.......

(If you've never known a person who suffers from this disease, it is not a pretty sight and a terrible way to go.  If you want help to not smoke anymore, I suggest a trip to your local nursing home or hospital and see for yourselves) 

Sympathies with his family.....    


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djzgirl71 said...

I hate the Pat's too!!!!!  Go Eagles!!!!  Yay Nascar!!  Woot Woot!  Go #20 Tony Stewart!!!!!!!!


vernae69 said...


Johnny will be missed, he was there for me in my youth, when I styaed up late at night with insomnia, thanks for the laughs Johnny!

I here ya, that damn commercial must be put to rest!

Dale Jarrett fan #88.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

OH NO!!! you're a NASCAR fan too!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm a Martin fan, but I needed a new driver (one that might win) to cheer for, so I go for Kasey Kahne.  Chris is a Newman fan...he likes Jr. too, blech ;)
I've gotta root for the Eagles, they're Chris's team...during the regular season I don't really cheer for them too much because I'm a Colts girl...but with them out of the running I cheered for the Eagles hard core!!!!  I even put on the Eagles jersey...Chris said I can't wash it and have to wear it the whole week before the superbowl too....ewwww ;) But for the sake of beating the living snot out of the Pats, I'm all for wearing a dirty jersey!!
GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  And T.O. will be back for the bowl!!!!