Wednesday, January 19, 2005

First day wrap up...

Hello friends and more thans   :)  

First day summary here...  

(Nae, except for the question-this is probably going to read like just another day at work for you~ and I'd so get it- if you went 'hell no, I don't want to hear about this!'  :::laughs:::)  

My day starts at 9, snack time preparations-filling up sippy cups with H2O, wiping hands of 12, 1-yr-olds and sitting them in one of two tables with six chairs sitting in a half circle in the middle of the table(Nae-you guys have these things?)  They are so cool and convenient, too.  I highly recommend a table like this for any parent of multiples or daycare.  My Grandma, Mom's mom, would've loved to have one of these when she took care of foster kids  :)  

Ok, the kids are all at, or in, the table, they get pretzels to eat and today we watched Kid Songs (it was the same one Gracely has, that she plays over and over, aren't I lucky).  Snack time lasts about 45 minutes to an hour.  Some kids, of course, were finished much sooner and just sat there or caused trouble.  Then, one by one diapers changed, hands wiped, and sent back into the corral to play.   

They play until 11, when its time to start lunches.  Each kid brings in their own food from home, which among one year olds can cause major conflict when the kid next to you is eating your food because its his favorite.  We get out all the lunch boxes and put each kids food where he/she is sitting, they get milk with lunch, and heat up any of those type foods.  

Once all the kids are seated and eating, we set up cots for nap-time.  Kids take about 30 to 45 minutes eating lunch. Then all are wiped down, yet again, diapered, yet again, and all are down on cots (about 8 actually asleep within seconds), all asleep but one by 12.  Honestly, these kids could lay down and take a nap much earlier--they are so tired!  Grace took two naps a that age still... ahhh, the good old days....  

I get back from lunch at 2:00, and 3 kids are still sleeping.  The rest are all back at the tables, 3 in one, and the other is full, reading books.  Once all the kids wake up (around 2:30) they get another snack at 3:15, animal crackers and water. 

That lasts until 4:00, when its diaper time, wipe hands, turn loose in corral to play....    Parents start coming around 4:30 and don't stop until 6:00, when I'm supposed to be leaving the office to my car... (and yes, Nae if you've made it this far, there is at least one parent who shows up precisely at 6:00 pm..... <stop laughing now, please>)  

The attendants:

Lead Teacher- much more friendly once we were alone.  She is currently looking into veterinary assistant courses, having had enough of early childhood education.  She is there from 7-3:30 daily, no lunch.  

Assistant #1- was out the door within 15 minutes of my arrival, a frequent occurrence from my perspective...  

Assistant #2- is very good with the kids for singing and playing, but is young and has no kids of her own... so sometimes her language and actions are something a parent would not want their child to know.  She takes lunch from 12-1.  

Assistant #3- Comes in (or came in today) from 2:30-5:30, she's a lot like #2.  

I am Assistant #4, I'm the ones who stays until the last child is out the door.  I was told at 5:55, to take any remaining kids and their stuff to the office and leave them there, so I could go home   :)  

Attendees breakdown:

1.  Griffin-this little dark blonde, blue-eyed chunk will melt you in a minute, but he's good for taking what he wants, when he wants it (hey, Brian-how long you been laying off laying? and where were you a year ago?) 

2.  Kaitlyn-brown wavy haired, blue-eyed little mama loves trucks and zooming with Griffin across the floor-she is the defender from all bullies!

3.  Tyler (Ty)- he's a little brown haired, eyes to match sweetie!  He attempts to play with Griffin, but Griffin usually mean to him.

4.  Emily- I call her Em, or Emmy-brown hair and blue eyes, you should see this child's hand and head gestures...if she could speak adult words, I'm sure she'd be standing in front a podium.  She's a petite little thing, too...

5.  Dawson- he was obviously not feeling well, leaning his head to one side and sticking his finger in his ear a sure sign of ear problem, poor guy.  He just laid around or cried most of the day.... there's enough of us, to accommodate a one on one with a sick or upset child.

6.  Kennady-a cutie, no doubt... she turns 2 in April and is honestly too mature to be in this room.  She's so bored she gets into trouble.  She has a brother about 4-6 years older that she wrestles with and sits on him at home, so she does it to these kids.... but her big blue eyes are full of wonder..

7.  Lily-I call her Lily-belle-she's got the number on everyone, always telling who took what from who, she loves to dance...  She's got these blue eyes that when you look in them, you get hypnotized.

8.  Donnie-he's a little shy one who loves playing with balls, toy ones that is.  I bet I rolled a ball to that boy for a total of 5 hours today, he was happy as a clam...

9.  Caroline-She's Emmy's twin, not really... but their bodies and hair are exactly the same.  She had a rough day today, being broken from her binkie.  She assumed the position up against a wall underneath the cubby where her binkie was stashed for the better part of the day.

10.  Ava- They call her 'Squishy'....she's a doll!  It seems she's recently recovered from the whole ear infections/tubes thing.  She's a happy-go-lucky girl, for sure with her strawberry blonde locks..

11. Claire- she's one of my favorites...She's already talking complete sentences, telling us she wanted to go to the show today.  She knows exactly what you're saying to her and responds with lots of details.

12. Grace- a cute little white haired, blue-eyed girlie.  We always have to put her hair up to keep it out of her eyes.  She looks at everyone with a disdained look, then the biggest smile.  

Those are the ones there today.  Some kids are part time and there on certain days.  

It's not so bad, but no way could I do this full time.....    



delela1 said...

Wow!  All very distinct personalities, which you have defined quite well.  I am impressed with your keen ability to appraise each child's character so quickly.  They sound...entertaining.

djzgirl71 said...

What not full time???Shit I got 8 of em here with my cousins kids!  I just CAN'T imagine why not LOL!


thelovetrain said...

Suuuuure you could... Like "Nae wrote" after I sent her that GIANT man pic', that I sent to you, and told her what you replied, "You could pop out 12, like snakes in a can". TOTALLY full time, baby... Woo-hoo! [:D]

~Love you, Brian

emeraldcalf said...

I have a lot of respect for you and Vernae. I could not run a daycare day in a day out.


sarajanesmiles said...

BIG respect to you, and all others who work with young kiddies!!
I used to help wash up - all the parents took turns - at my son's pre-school, and the noise level there would drive me up the wall if I worked there every day!!!  Big big big respect!  Glad you're enjoying it :o)
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

I'm glad it's going well for you!  
The kids sound so darn cute, you're making me want another kitten...hehehe ;)
I think it's awesome that you can describe all of the kids so well, it shows how in tune with them you are.  And I miss those 2-4 naps a day too.  Nevermore :)
Take it easy doll

vernae69 said...

No, I have seen those tables, but I'm sure my kitchen isn't big enough!  WE have two little tikes picnic tables, fit 12.  We serve breakfast, and lunch and snack.  Parents only need to supply us with diapers, medicine and money!  And I am the lucky one left at the end of the day, that has to clean

redbaranjj said...

Good for you Cat!!  It sounds like the job is more then okay for you, and I am glad!!  The kids all sound adorable!!  (don't know if I would be able to do it full time either...)