Sunday, January 9, 2005

Sunday Night wrap up......

Yea Colts!  Wow, what a game :) 

   Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts (AFC) | QB | #18 Ht: 6'5"    Wt: 230    NFL Exp: 7    College: Tennessee

Stats:  Year     Games    Cmp     Att     Yds     TD     Int 

           2004         16           336     497    4557    49     10

I was wrong earlier about New England--the Colts play there next weekend (10 day future forecast is calling for a high of 0 degrees F on Saturday, and 1 degree on Sunday.....   

If that happens, the Colts will have their game cut out for them.  The only saving glory is that the Colts did pull off a win in Mile-High Stadium (Denver) in below freezing temps, not to mention the higher elevation....  

The law of averages dictates the Colts long overdue to win In New England (Manning is 0-6 against the Patriots at home).  Fingers crossed for them.....  

On the down side, Favre--THE Comeback Kid--couldn't pull it off against the Vikings.  Not sure how much game Brett has left in him physically, but sure hope he's around for a few more.   He truly plays the game with his heart.....

 Brett Favre Green Bay Packers (NFC) | QB | #4 Ht: 6'2"    Wt: 224    NFL Exp: 14    College: Southern Miss

Stats:    Year       Games      Cmp     Att     Yds    TD   Int

                  2004            16              346          540         4088         30         17  

As I mentioned, Roethlisberger and the Steelers got a first round bye week and take on the Jets next weekend at Heinz Field.   You guys should watch this kid play!  He won, most undoubtedly deserved, the NFL's 'Most Outstanding Rookie' Award for his perfect season as a starter....  Way to Go, Ben!  

 # 7 Ben Roethlisberger

  Position: QB
Height: 6-4
Weight: 241
Born: 03/02/1982
College: Miami (Ohio)
NFL Experience: Rookie

So, should Peyton & Company pounce the Pats, guess who is heading to Pittsburgh.......   

Man, I hate when it comes down to the end and two of my teams go head-to-head, but as I've said-I got to run with the Colts.   

The Steelers will be strong contendersfor a long time.....  


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quartrlyfecrysis said...

Thanks for that lovely wake up ;)  I'll be smiling all day!  YEA COLTS!
Dang, I didn't know his physical stats...he's a tall boy, Mmmm hehehe.  I'm kind of worried about the Pats, they're a pretty good team and they've got a better defense than the Colts.  I think this is their year tho.  I'm very impressed by Roth. but I don't think he's gonna beat Manning out for the bowl.  Roth. has a lot of respect for the game, and Manning... his time will come.  I'm calling Colts and Eagles....with TO back for the bowl and McNabb full force, Chris and I will be scrappin'!
WOOO HOOO!  GO COLTS!  Man HE kicked butt yesterday! (yeah, I know what you mean about it not being the Colts last week)
PS. sis is thinking of somewhere in S.Indiana, she said near Kentucky?! I'm no good at geography ;)...either there or St. Louis, Go Rams!

vernae69 said...

Again, see u in Philly, I know the Steelers will beat the Jets, no doubt about that, just get geared up for an all PA Superbowl!  FIRST ONE EVER I HOPE!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

had to come check him out again....ahhh, sigh ;)


visionarydiva1 said...

Thanks for the stats.