Saturday, January 8, 2005

Is it over yet?

Ok, I'm bored..... still downloading music, should be done soon though.... for this round, anyway. Picture from Hometown  

Will be staying here for NFL Playoff games tomorrow as Johnny scored Suite Tickets from his Service Manager to the Colts Game, and he elected to take my brother :(     If I was putting out, he'd be cut off :)   Nah, he's my buddy and I love him even if he does prefer my brother over me~my brother is a blast to be around. 

Anyway, Go Colts!    The Steelers get the week off as they finished #1 in their division-take that New England!  The Packers play tomorrow, too.... Go Pack!!  

In other happenings at home, we had a couple inches of 'packing' snow dropped on us overnight <hoping to get your outside house shot I owe, Dona>   Gracie and I went out to a make snowman, we ended up making five, one being in the freezer as she said "I'm gonna keep it sor-eber!" (meaning forever).  Hate to break it to her, but mini-frosty is outta there at the next grocery visit...   

We came in (it was not cold out at all~weird weather we're having) and I asked her what she wanted to eat for lunch.  Her reply was a 'bagel-nut'.  What?  You know, Mommy, a bagel-nut!  It only took me 45 minutes to get why she was calling it that-the hole in the middle-a true Mommy D'uh moment..... I could tell by how she was looking at me  :)  

So, Mom isn't thinking on her toes ALL the time...... its good for her to know while she's young that I'm not perfect, isn't it?  Just kidding, I'm no egomaniac, though I do play one on TV  :)  

I was just noticing how I don't take a lot of pictures of her anymore.  When she was a baby, I had a camera on her every moment even though she never did anything, like move.  My dresser is covered with baby pictures of her.... So, that must change this year.  

Moving on- we got most of the Christmas decorations down, except the village.  Not sure when that will be put up.....   

Then we (Mom and I) cleaned out all the kitchen cabinets.... that was a fun job, let me tell you... I still have to do the one I keep all my confection-making supplies.  Can't do that with Gracie up or around, she wants to play with them--tart molds, veggie sculpting tools, tons of melting chocolates (sugar free though, so she can nibble), and molds. 

She plays with the cookie cutters in Playdoh, the rest are hands off and all mine <insert evil laugh>.  

Tomorrow, Mom and Gracie are meeting a friend from Mom's work and her daughter, Bailey to go to a pizza place that delivers your food on a train--how cool is that?  Gracie will want to play with the train, I know this to be a fact....  Have fun, Mom :)   

Ok, I've rambled on long enough for now.....



perkysgrl said...

Bagel-nut... Funny what kids come up with!  Have fun continuing to download music... Someone is pretty lucky that you are doing that :D  Oh yeah, we've had all our Christmas decorations down for the last week... Except for the village.  Why does it seem that is always the last to get put up???

Have a great Sunday!

redbaranjj said...

LOL...Bagel-nut!!!  Good one Gracie!!  

Go Pack!!!  Won't be watching any other game, but my Pack!!  ;)

Food delived on a train!  How cool is that!!  Gracie will have a ball!!  

Have a great Sunday Cat!!!


thelovetrain said...

Hell, it won't even get cool here. Florida weather in the winter, could be more wintery. Oh well, some weather is better than none. I still appreciate it, and that could end at any time. I can still, imagine being real excited and playing with myself in... I mean, playing in the snow, there. [:\]... [:P]

Eating pizza, off of a train... The thoughts could lead to a possible new experience, some day. I've had some dishes eaten off of me, but I don't recall pizza. Then again, with my past, I could have been too stoned or drunk to remember the occasion.

... Ah, the 'evil old days'. I've always enjoyed variety, like now.-- It's good to be an angelic reconstituted-virgin, for a change. O[:)]

~Heavenly 'B'

quartrlyfecrysis said...

That train-pizza sounds wicked cool!  I wanna see that.  My sister may be moving to Indiana soon, so I may be visiting to see the Colts and find this pizza place this year!
Pey and I argue over my cookie cutters and all that stuff too!  she's got a whole bucket of Play-doh cutters that I can't play with so she can't play with mine....humph!  nah nee nah nee boo boo!  Kudos on cleaning up, my tree is half-undecorated but still sitting in the middle of the living room.  Pey's tree has moved to the hallway upstairs (in my way, but saves me from having to put the towels away!) least I took the stuff out of the yard and the wreath (well it's a candy cane) down.

viviansullinwank said...

OMG  bagel-nut  I love that. Kids do say the darndest things!

delela1 said...

The outside pic...awww, gee, I'd almost forgot.  It's snowing like mad here.  May have to run outside to see what designs Mother Nature has for me.  Oh, and my Dad was a major Colts fan.  Always...he never gave up on them.  :)  Have a happy Sunday Cat! ~Dona