Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Goodness and Gracious...

It seems I won more than the kids over today, the Lead Teacher apparently believes I'll make a fine addition, also... Yea, Me!  I start in a week, due to Monday being Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (I must take this moment to say that I believe Dr. King would be appalled at the idea of school being out of session on his day.  For what I know of him-he was all for education, more of it and often!).   

Anyway-did I say the job is Mondays and Wednesdays, 9-6, and maybe an extra Tuesday as a sub.  Down side is I can't take Grace to dance class anymore :(      Dad is going to, so she can still attend.  I'm trying to imagine my dad sitting there with those women and kind of worried about some factors related to that (some of you guys know about my dad :::winks:::).   

Thanks to all my lovies for the encouraging words, you're the water for my boat.....  

Speaking of water, in all it's vastness, what the heck is the deal?  Anyone, other than my paranoid butt, thinking maybe this earthquake, causing tsunami and throwing our little old planet a few milliseconds of her precious course, may have done permanent damage?  Hmmm, I need to look that up.... how much time, if any, our rotation or pathway can be altered.  

Okay, forget I said I all that..... :::flashbacks of Orsen Wells::: no need for mass hysteria, please.... I'm all about the what-if factor, you know  :)  

Meteorologists and the underrated folks of NASA keep close eye on these type things.  Not too mention a few hundred thousand known scientific and governmental agencies. No idea how many secretive ones, but I believe :::winks:::  (Though, I'm pretty sure I'm far enough down the command of the food chain, I would never know).   

But really, everything is already flooding in a lot of places and we're expected to get another 3" and then freeze.... it's going to be a mess.  Then again, as my counterparts know-this is also winter in the Midwest.....   

Thanks again, well-wishers and wooo hoooo   :)  

All for now.....  



thelovetrain said...

Of course she thought that you'd make a "fine addition". I could tell that you would, all of the way from here.

Writing of earth's "precious course", this has been a unusually warm winter, even for Florida. I've been looking forward to the cold all summer, and it's nowhere to be found. We've seen very few 'cool' nights.

Go 'teacher lady'! [:)]

~Love you, Brian

quartrlyfecrysis said...

YEA!!!!!!!!!  Congratulations on getting the job!!!

I've noticed since the quake/tsunami that the sun doesn't rise as early.  We've got to take Pey to the bus at 7.  Before daylight savings time it was dark out, then we changed the clocks back and it was light out when we went out to the bus.  In the last few weeks it's been dark still.  Used to be that it was a slow progression to getting dark again, this seems very sudden.  I could drive myself insane with all the what-if's.
Yeah, and it's January and this morning it was 62 before sunrise.  WTF?!  It hasn't been cold pretty much at all this month.  Odd isn't it?!
Take it easy doll!

valphish said...

Congratulations, Cat!!  Yay!!!  Interesting..since the tsunami, it has been raining and cloudy in my world in central PA.  I have heard about a lot of rain and unseasonable warm weather around the country.  Who knows?  Interesting.  Very, very interesting. Take care and enjoy your new job!! xox

redbaranjj said...

YAYAYAYAY!!  I am so happy for you!!  I think you are going to love your new job.  :)
And weather in the midwest...isn't it the best...NOT!!!  LOL
Have a good one!

visionarydiva1 said...

To be honest, just as a african american women, I think Dr. King would be appalled at a lot more then just that. Especially the fact that so many African Amercians not continuing their education and going forward to make a mark in the world. But that's just my opinion. Congrats on the job!!! I knew you would get it especially after the kids taking to you the way that they did. I am soooo happy for you.:-)


sieblonde said...

Congratulations!  It was apparent the kids knew who the right person was.  I'm glad the lead teacher saw it too.  ~Sie