Monday, January 3, 2005

Before I forget....

So, I'd better write up New Years Day's happenings before a week goes by and it slips my mind.  

My brother and two of his friends, my parents, me and Gracie, and my parents friend's--Dick and Dixie (married), and Karen, were here for the traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner.  To accompany it were black-eyed peas, turnips, collard and mustard greens (cooked with ham hocks, of course), and new (red) potatoes.  Dad is a most excellent chef.... that's where I get it from.  That story (Under Construction, part 1) in Cat House about Sami cooking the first time actually about me  :::winks:::   We ate our fill, chatted for awhile, and everyone went home. 

Holidays at 'The Hildebrand Haus' are officially over!   

I, for one, am overjoyed (yeah, right) because my kid is now extremely insistent that someone play with her ALL THE TIME!  In two weeks time, she's become accustom to a friend or relative entertaining her every second.  Uh.... Mommy is having none of that.  The 10 hours a day (out of the 12-14 hours she's up) I spend catering to her whims and teaching her, are more than enough.  

She got a rude awakening today when, after working on tracing letters and making playdoh animals for three hours, I told her to go play in the playroom for little while.  "Who's gonna come play with me?"  she asked her best whiny voice.  I told her no one right now, she can go play with her toys or watch TV until I get lunch done.  "But I neeeeeeed someone," she whimpered, protruding her bottom lip out in full pout and stomping her foot.  Oh, yeah.. that's her latest thing-- stomping her foot at me, something I did to get her attention when I had laryngitis and couldn't muster up a whisper. :::sheesh:::    

Well, you know.. one of my other personalities comes out at this point and insists she go play NOW!  She ughs and humphs a little more and militant mom starts counting loudly (luckily, that still works) ONE, TWO... Grace high tails it into the other room, wailing all the way.  I was happy she went, even if it was screaming.  I tend to lunch and she continues screaming she needs someone to play with.  And then, it came out of her mouth, the words every mother dreads to hear....  

Her:  Mommy, I want a sister!

Me:   What...... what did you say?

Her:  I want a sister.

Me:  No way, kiddo.

Her:  But how? (meaning why, would give anything for this child to ask WHY--its always how this and how that...:)

Me:  Because you are enough.

Her:  I'm not enough, Caf-a-wee (she also calls me by my first name when she's mad at me), there's only one of me.

Me:  That's my point.  One is plenty.

Her:  Mom?

Me:  Yes, Grace.

Her:  Can I get a brother?

Me:  Aren't you supposed to be in the playroom?  

God, its starting already...  

She goes back to classes starting Wednesday, so hopefully she'll get her fill of playing with other kids and forgetting the brother/sister thing.  :::fingers crossed:::  

I'm hoping to hear from some places this week about the jobs I applied for... they said they would hire after the holidays, and well... they're over now (did I say YIPPEEE?!).  They have this week to ring me or I'm off looking elsewhere.  I have just got to get out of the house!  Soon!! 

I've even been hinting to my buddy (just plain buddy, Nae), Johnny, that he needs a maid.  He's actually thinking about it, too.  It's making money and time away from home, so it works for me  :)  

Hey, while I'm here thinking of things to write...... I need a new way to fix Gracie's hair.  I have naturally curly hair and with her being biracial, well.... even her curls have curls.  I use 'The Conditioner'  because I'm told its the best, and I love her hair after a bath when its long and wavy and freshly braided.  When wet, it is to almost to her waist.  When dry, its up above her shoulders.  Really!  I have tried a straightening iron on her twice, but after a few hours, she ends up with a horizontal afro.  If I had the money, I'd take her to someone (would love her hair in corn-rowed braids!).  So any of you who know anything about hair, or just think you do,.... HELP, I'm a 'product' virgin!  

That about wraps up my ramblings for the night...  



pixiedustnme said...

My Gracie went back to school today and let me tell you it could not have been quick enough.  She was about ready to get sold to the passing gypsy!  -Kelly

thelovetrain said...

I've sometimes wondered if there might be a brother in my way-background, somewhere. My hair's also, real curly when it grows out (not 'fro-style). At the short length it is now, like on my journal sidebar, it looks straight though. I have rhythm too so, I'm pretty sure that I'm not a complete pale-face... "White men can't dance", or is it "jump"?

"Goo-goo, ga-ga" for Grace...

~Brother 'B'

sasonalmah said...

I work with three year olds!  The autistic boy I talked about in my journal is 3!!!  Your three year old sounds adorable.....even if she is enough by herself!  LOL


emeraldcalf said...

Sounds like you had a great new years.

Oh, we still do the counting thing...I love it! It's my best weapon. I don't even have to say the numbers..just hold up fingers. LOL

Good luck on the job hunt. While others are getting laid off and looking for work, I am worried because I have too much! Sheesh...