Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wednesday wind-up....

Well, my work week is over~today was my Friday :)   

Today started out looking questionable as I walked into the room with Mrs. Lead, Assts. #2, and #3 (speckled no-talking girl), the kids having snack #1 and getting ready to watch a movie while sitting in their table seats.  I said hi and only Asst #2 and the kids said hi back.....  Oh well.  

So, we're just sitting there, watching Elmo (got bored), Barney (got bored), and a little of Nemo, when the door opens and in comes Mrs. Office Lady and this mean looking old guy, clipboard in hand.  Yep, a surprise visit from the Board of Health.  Oops.   

This guy was scowling and scary looking and I was waiting for some of the kids to burst out crying in fear, but mostly they sat too scared to move or make a sound.  But still, these are babies and even if one hates his job, he doesn't freak out the babies!  

Okay, since I have been there, which granted, isn't long, but they have never used the straps on the seats in the tables.  Violation.  Kennady, was in the play area by herself (there is no way she can get out) but she was alone. Violation.  When I asked where to put my stuff, they said to put it over on the window ledge/bookshelf, where their stuff was.  Okay I did that.  Violation.  They couldn't find the refrigerator thermometer at first, I don't know if it was on point or not, but I'm sure I'll find out.  Aye Dios Mio.....  

After being in another room, and talking to the Sub today (she works in older baby) and is #2's ex boyfriend's mom.  This room can be improved upon in a great way.  It needs more structure, so they can be transitioned into the 2's class, because the 2's class is much more coordinated.  Yet, I lack the credentials (on official paper) to make those improvements.   

I'm not sure when Mrs. Lead is planning on leaving either, or if she is, while she attends school.  I believe she may have mentioned it being an online course~but its veterinary assistant, so I have a hard time seeing how all the classes can be online.  I'm beginning to consider maybe looking into a teaching degree to take over.   

Of course, this idea is just starting to form, I have no idea what the requirements are, funding issues, etc.... I should have a lot of courses completed-all the basic credits should transfer, plus the emergency first aid stuff.  With all the experience I have, maybe test out of some things.... that would be cool  :)  

We had 14 kids today, and of course all the 'trouble makers' were there~I say that lovingly :::winks:::  Nothing we couldn't handle, but more fights than usual.  Mrs. Lead and #3, both left at noon for the day, so we had a substitute come in while the kids took their nap, and #2 and I went to lunch (an hour apart).  

The Sub left when I returned, leaving # 2 and I alone with all 14, putting us 6 kids over limit per caregiver...oops.  Good thing the BOH had already been there, huh?!  Then #4 came in, and she stayed until we were down to  4, the max.  But at least the last ones were all angels.   

I read books to them until their parents showed up.  I was told to give them buggy rides (they are big plastic strollers that seat 4 at a time), but #2 and #4 had already done that, so I made an executive decision and opted for books.  The 6 o'clocker, I took down to the office, her mom was already there, but downstairs getting her sister.   

It ended much better than it began......  



redbaranjj said...

Yikes on those violations!  
I think you would make a great teacher!  Go for it!  

thelovetrain said...

Honey, I'm not bi', but post a pic' of a nice looking football player's ass, or something, with all of this kid stuff, okay?

(Laughs) I still love you to death. And, of course I think that you'd make a great teacher. You're charming and very intelligent. Go for it.

~Smooches, Brian  @--->----

sarajanesmiles said...

I think that you should definately go for that training, if it's something you're interested in.  That way you would be qualified to take over, and to make those changes.  At least the kids say hello to you, miserable no talking lady!  Love the way you just say 'oh well' :o)
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Doll, I think you outta be running this daycare ;)  If there were more day-care employees like you I wouldn't have thought twice about putting Pey in it.  I think the thing that sticks out most to me is how you read to them and talk to them...maybe you should look into a teaching degree :)  No joke, I searched high and low for sitters like're in high demand doll! ;)