Monday, March 28, 2005


Easter... it came and went.  Grace showed her ass all day!  She was just out of control and not listening to all.  She was in bed by 6:30 pm, too.  Sheesh.....  

We went to my Uncle's house for brats, beer and eggs~glad I wasn't around my brother and Johnny after that feast   :::winks:::  Egg and beer farts are nasty!  Oh and we usually have lamb or ham, but this year we all voted for something for summerlike :)  

I have cut Grace off of sugar (she can eat fruit and have 6ozs of juice daily, but that's all the sugar for her) since last week... and she has been even more wild, obnoxious, and obstinent as an ox!  I'm seriously thinking of testing her blood sugar with Dad's meter.   

I am slightly hypoglycemic normally (low blood sugars, its also why alcohol really messes me up).  I'm pretty sure Wayne had a very fast metabolism as a child, because he always tells me about struggling to gain weight then.  So, maybe Grace wasn't getting too much sugar, but rather, not enough.  Must call her doc in the morning to inquire.  

Today she was calmer, but Dad said she still was a little wound up in the morning.  I think she's just testing other authority figures out... because she doesn't push my buttons too often.   

Went to work today... the room is changing now that some of the old kids are moving up.  Not good or bad, just different.  We're getting kids now who are barely a year old~we're supposed to be the 'older' toddler room.   

Claire moved to the 2's today.  She was the best talker in our room, now that title is Dawson's.  Grace and Kaitlyn move in the next two weeks~2 of my favorites... I'm gonna be so sad :(   I'll get pictures of them so you guys can see.   

Grace is the quietest kid, but the look she keeps on her face is one of intrigue... like she's always thinking.  Kaitlyn~aka K-K, well, she's a spitfire... a chunk of girl who is solid muscle and can rival any boy twice her age.  Her mom is a teacher of special needs kids, and you can tell by K-K's intelligence~she's one smart cookie ;)  

We had 13 kids today, being it's spring break week here... and many of our kids' moms are teachers.  We were short 3 kids today and this is our busiest day this week.  So I might be bored to tears on Wednesday.  

We have a replacement for Kennady, in the form of Josh.  He only comes in on Mondays, so I can deal with it one day as opposed to five.  He's an only child for the moment (his mom went into early labor today~6 weeks early).   

His Dad came in to get him and told me.  I have to admit, I didn't really know what to say.  So I told him I hoped the docs could stop the labor... but also that babies born after 32 weeks gestation are usually ok, just smaller than full term.  After he left, I felt totally like an ass.  What kind of thing was that to say?!  Sometimes I let my knowledge of medical situations override my mouth and my compassion!  

Asst #2 and I kind of got into it a little today.... over homeschooling, of all things.  She said her sister had to take a test to teach homeschool here.  But I have done research on this state's homeschool policies... and there are no state regulations or tests for parents who wish to do so. 

I told her that and she reverted to a 12-year-old... "Uh-huh, there is so a test, my sister had to take it so she could teach hers." I asked her if her sister had a college education and she said no, so I said maybe that's why she needed a test.  Thinking I ticked her off with that one.....  

I'm not going to argue about something I know to be true.  I told her the only regulations we have is that homeschooled children have the right to participate in sports at the school in their district, even if they don't attend school there.  I just shut up about it.  She'd argue about the color of the sky if you challenged her.....  

I had 5 kids left tonight at 5:45.  I leave at 6.  The last kids are supposed to be taken to the office at 5:55.  I had way too many to even think about that.  But then... all the parents showed up at 5:50... at the same time  :)  Even my 6 o'clocker!  And one of the new kids, Aidan, leaves that late, too... bum deal.  

Tomorrow, it is supposed to be 67F here and sunny.  Mel and I are thinking about taking Gracie to the zoo.  But I'm not sure if the animals will be out.  I went last April, paid full price... and only the elephants were outside.   We can still see the 'Amazon Rain Forest' animals and the water animals, but not sure if we'll be able to feed the birds or the giraffe... or even see the monkeys.  We'll see....  

Was thinking of the Children's Museum, but Gracie has a class field trip there next month, but it would be alot (I mean ALOT!) cheaper.  I'll figure it out when I see the mood G is in tomorrow  :)  

k, that's all from me tonight.......  

Hope everyone had a great day!  



djzgirl71 said...

Hey sweets!  Would love to see some pics of Gracie on Easter!  Hope ya'll have a great day tomorrow and hey....will you send the nice weather here please I am about to swim away.  Nothing but rain for 2 weeks now and rain until atleast Friday here again.  Yikes, we are swimming here!

Love and miss ya tons,

visionarydiva1 said...

Brats, Beer, and Eggs? Ewww sounds like a gross one when let loose LoL!!!


redbaranjj said...

Eggs and beer...every bar here has that combo...but even pickled eggs!!  EEwww!!
good luck with Grace...sounds to me she is just in that testing period the little ones go thru.  Josh went thru that...and it was hairy around here until he learned the ropes.  
Have fun at the zoo!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

whew, i get worn out just reading about a day at work for you.  If i haven't said so before, I really admire what you do.  
I get hypo sometimes and get really aggitated, definitely could be what gracie goes through..too little blood sugar.  Pey does the same thing, I've noticed especially when she gets home from school after not eating for hours that she's really cranky.
We've got a small zoo in Richmond where you can pet and feed the giraffes, it's wicked cool! and lots cheaper than the big zoos.
Love the lily photo, my favorite :)