Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday Night's Alright.......

This entry is going to take a long time for me to put in here..... AOL being what it is, I have to save after completing each paragraph.  I'm sure I won't remember exactly what I wrote on my first attempts... but I hope it doesn't lose much flavor in the process....  

It's not so bad... practice makes perfect and all   ; )  If anything, it teaches me not to rely so heavily on technology... not to become too accustomed to it being around.. so easily.  And I still know how to start a mean fire with sticks and a stone    :::winks:::  

So, Bailey came over at 9am.  Grace had been awake for 3 hours already.  They had a great time together.... at first, they  ran around like they were crazy little children.  Bailey's house is really small and not open like ours inside. 

They ran around all the rooms, chasing each other.  They played hide and seek.  Wait until she's older and finds all the places my brother and I used to hide in~it's such a great house for being a kid in.

 Picture from Hometown  

They played music with Grace's recorder (: just like the ones you played in grade school :) and her harmonica and drum (Bailey played those).  Nobody wanted the keyboard, so I played it~very, VERY, quietly.  I was having too much fun to take pictures... next time, I'll let them play so I can.  

I had to go take the last survey this year for the class I took.  Mom stayed with the girls (she works with Bailey's mom).  They ate lunch and when I got back home they were both lying on the couch watching 'Lion King 2'.  It was so cute.....  

Bailey left about 1:30 and Grace was more than ready for a nap.... though she didn't think so.  But I finally got her to sleep.  My brother came by and checked his bids on Ebay~car parts...  He loves his cars... Old Classics.  She woke up around 3:30 and played with him for awhile before he left.    

Karen came over, we ate dinner, and I gave Grace a bath.  I love the way her hair looks when it's wet.... Picture from Hometown  

Picture from Hometown  

but if I leave it down and it dries... look out!  Her hair is beyond the natural curl I have   (: you too, Nae :)  I use 'The Conditioner' on it.... but it doesn't do much to tame it.  And I don't feel comfortable using chemicals on her hair.... so I usually keep it braided.... Picture from Hometown  

Picture from Hometown  

While we were in there, Kitty took her usual place on the edge of the tub... the cat has a thing for fishing~she's fallen in twice.  She was eyeballing one of Gracie's 'fish', so Grace decided to help her out.... I couldn't resist taking these   : )  

Picture from Hometown       

                        Picture from Hometown     

                        Picture from Hometown   

Ok, I need to confess something here.... I'm psyched to watch the 'Little House on the Prairie' Movie from Disney next Saturday.  Yeah, I'm a <whatever name you just said> 

But I still watch reruns of it when I can.    I still have the set of books from Laura Ingalls Wilder... I even own a cookbook her daughter, Rose, published,  

I admit I wanted to be alive at the time when she was... until I think if all the things that probably would've killed me first... but I can't wait until next weekend...  

That's my Saturday, hope your's was a pleasant one.....  



quartrlyfecrysis said...

Gracie is sooo cute!  I love those pictures :)  her hair is so long, it's gorgeous!

I love little house on the prairie, i used to read those and anne of Green gables when i was a kid...oh, and I'm sure you read marguerite Henry books too ;)

have a great rest of the weekend Cat!

emeraldcalf said...

I am like you, I can't wait for the Little House movie next weekend either. I think I have seen every episode they made and read her books over and over again.

I am glad Gracie had so much fun...She has GORGEOUS hair!!


vernae69 said...

Dork, yeah that's the word I was looking for, LAUGHS!!!  Laura Engle, such a winer.....

Gotta love that curly hair!  She's too precious!

rebelchick2214 said...

Wow, your daughter is adorable. She seems very sweet too. I love the pictures with the cat. Curly-haired people rock! haha.

Thanks a lot for stopping by my journal. To answer your question: No, I do not go to Roncalli, but I do live on the South side (close to Center Grove, actually.) My screen name is RebelChick because I had planned on going to Roncalli. I changed my mind in 8th grade, but I didn't change my screen name. ttyl!

Amber -

vernae69 said...

err, whiner, or is it weiner?

redbaranjj said...

Gracie is just adorable!  I am so glad her and her little friend had such a good time together...and you too!!  : )  
I always wanted a little girl...just so I could braid her hair.  :)
Oh I loved Laura Ingalls too when I was growing up...especially all her books.


sarajanesmiles said...

Disney have made a Little House movie????
I love that show, though usually don't admit it so freely ;o)
Gorgeous Grace pics, I love her hair, when wet and when braided.
Sara   x