Wednesday, March 2, 2005

It's all the same....

Okay, scratch my 'Monday' theory.   

Because they were all just as bad today.  We only had 14, one of our full-timers wasn't there today, but I swear you'd never know it was only 14.  By the noise level, you'd think twice that, at least.  Either they're all teething, or its hormonal.... but something is up with all of them this week.  

We got all the kids asleep for nap, then Ava starts coughing and wakes herself up, and starts crying.... which woke up Lily and Kennady, at my lunch time.  The only good thing is that Kennady fell back asleep~that never happens.    They told me to go to lunch anyway.  They didn't have to say that twice, either ; )  I ran to the time clock......  

I came home and put Grace down for her nap, ate a sandwich, checked email~ and went back to work.  It was more of the same when I got back.  I finally started just having all the kids race each other.  They ran and ran and ran  ;)  By afternoon snack, they were all a little calmer..... well 99% of them were.   

I still like the afternoons better than the morning, even with the kids getting tired... its more relaxed.  There is a lot of tension between the Lead Teacher and Assts 1 & 2, it became even more obvious this week.  Mrs. Lead had put two fig newton type cookies for Eli in the bag with his snacks, she just tossed them in.   

Asst #1 was getting snacks and saw them just thrown in, so she made a smart-ass comment about his mom not putting the cookies in a separate bag (he's allergic to a lot, so he gets separate food, and Board of Health requires no loose foods, etc).  Mrs. Lead fesses up and says she put them in there for his snack.  #1 says well we can't do that, they have to be in a baggie... blah blah blah...  

Mrs. Lead says she just put them in there 10 minutes ago and he was having them for snack today.  #1 threw them away.....  I thought they were going to throw down right there.  The tension runs high, no wonder the kids are irritable....  No offense, but I really can't stand working with women sometimes.  But #1 leaves at 12:30, and Mrs Lead at 3:30~after that, I love it  ;)    <plotting begins to overthrow power>  

All the kids were gone by 5:40 except for Abigail.  I remember being the last kid picked up from daycare, too, but I was 2 when I started and my brother was there with me...   

We read books and she played with the toys they normally can't, like the rocking Pooh that talks.  She has a good time and its normal for me to walk her down by the entrance to meet her mom at 6.  Today, her mom was walking in the door.  

I got home, fed Gracie dinner, cleaned up the messes she made all day while she put her toys away, and put her to bed.  She was all stirred up and not listening... makes me wonder what Dad feeds her when I'm not around  ; )   

I watched Lost~OMG~ I am so into this show.  Now, I'm watching The West Wing-- which I think is the best drama on TV still.  Next will be Wife Swap~ for some laughs.  Pretty well-rounded gamut of emotions on my agenda.  Don't know if I'll make it for Nightline tonight....  

I have a doc appt in the morning to check my thyroid level again.  Nothing like getting stuck first thing in the morning (for those with minds in the gutter, that's with a needle ;)  I make them take it from my hand, much to their dislike... but I have too much scar tissue in the normal spots.  Besides, easier to find the ones in my hands.  

Gracie has school tomorrow and her fall registration is this next week.  I think if she goes into 4's, her classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays~which is going to suck because I want to go to all her parties and field trips....  I'll have to check into that.  I don't know if they'll let her into pre-K, not turning 4 until the end of September.  

For now, I'm going to go veg out until I fall asleep  :)  



redbaranjj said...

Good luck at the doc.  Have to get my levels checked again too soon...seems like my pills aren't doing a thing lately.  
I hope everything works out with Gracie and school!!

sarajanesmiles said...

I like the running around thing, it's always easier when they're worn out!!  Says she, with just the one at home!  I know I couldn't do what you do, the words 'patience of a saint' come to mind!!
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

WOO HOO, you reminded me to watch LOST!  I had to record it because I watched Top Model, which I fell asleep during, dammit!  Yea, LOST in the morning ;)
I'd go nuts working with those women!  And everyone says men are the ones who always have pissing contests, yeah right ;)  I'm thinking you should overthrow the power and then hire little elves to work with instead of women ;)
I hope all goes well at the Docs and with registration, I'll keep my fingers crossed that Grace gets into the pre-k class!