Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A quickie..... kind of....

Short entry... I'm tired....  

Throat hurts..... damn it.  Darn kids.... it better not get worse!  

Speaking of kids~we're losing 3 of our best and cutest kids to the 2's class.  We've gotten 3 new kids from the early toddlers and 1 more starting next week.  We've had 2 already leave us for the 2's.  For those I've lost with my backwards math~we're short one kid in the exchange :)  No complaints from me.....  

But I can see where it's going to be hard to see them go... and why their 'old' teachers always come into our rooms to see them.  

~Moving on~  

It's friggin cold outside!  Where's the rain?!  The daffodils and tulips?  My neighbors Cherry Blossoms?  Where's the heat?!  

Remind me I said that in August when I'm whining about the heat ; )  

Gracie's class Easter Party tomorrow~ charging camera batteries, and got them lemonade... in hopes of warmer weather :)  

Thankfully, she hasn't said she was going to kill anyone this week.   

She's now moved on to volcanoes and earthquakes...... She asks me to 'read' (meaning tell) her a story 'bout that.  I get the pleasure of making up tales about mother nature on 3-year-old terms  ; )  

Happy news for Jennifer (aka Pickle).... she got to hold Zach (it had been a week)!  He's off the respirator and eating from a bottle instead of an NG tube :)   

He's had a few episodes of SVT that quickly subsided, so its just a matter of balancing out his medications.  She sounded so happy!

You can read her email at Lisa's place.   Thanks to everyone who went by her place with prayers and well wishes.  It means a lot to me, and to her I'm sure!! 

Now go and share some love and keep the prayers coming  :)  

Have a great night!  



thelovetrain said...

Is it politically-incorrect to write, "Damn kids"? If you ever do so, I won't automatically assume that you're trying to virtually condemn them to hell, as some perceive it.

On "keep the prayers coming" -- You know how I feel about that (I think). If there's a Higher-Power, and I imagine that there is, I don't think that He/She/It deals with pretentious humans on an individual basis.

Anything that advanced, likely has an 'automatic' piss-ant energy recycler, and is kicked-back enjoying Astral-Vision in a more scenic part of the universe (We're so self-aggrandizing, that we capitalize our 'names', but not 'universe') [:\]...

... 'Prayer' seemingly pays-off so intermittently and random, I view it as nothing more than coincidence.

Hey, hey, hey, it was over 80 degrees yesterday, here in Tampa! I'll trade you for some cooler weather.

Here's to hoping that Zach continues to improve, and you don't get sick. [:)]

~Micro 'B'  @----->----

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Pey's 'spring break' party is tomorrow too, but I can't go cause Chris is working....grrr.  You better have double fun for me tomorrow!  I'm counting on a full report so I can live vicariously through someone with transportation! haha. ;)

Hope you feel better lovey!

sarajanesmiles said...

I know that the teachers at J's pre-school found it hard to say goodbye to their favourites when they left to go to 'big school'.  J's teacher especially, they had such a bond.  
Hope Grace's easter party goes well, will we get to see pics??
Sara   x

redbaranjj said...

I sure hope you feel better soon!!  
Have fun at Gracie's little party!!  Josh didn't have one this year :(  Take lots of pictures!!
I am glad to hear about baby Zach getting better!!!  Gonna go rea dthe update now!!  

vernae69 said...

I'm hoping to lose a few kids myself...I have a "do not come back" wish list myself.

Yeah for Zach!

Julie says Tomatoes not tornados...too cute!

Yeah, what happened to's like 50 degrees, no sun, and nothing budding!  I hope this doesn't mean a mild summer, I like it hot and dry!  I'm starting to think more and more about moving to Arizona.