Thursday, March 24, 2005

It's the Easter Beagle...

Another short one.... just to sum up Grace's class party and post pics, since I know I'll be asked where they are  :)

Picture from Hometown 

                                  The room~Pre kids  :)  

It was a lot of fun for everyone.... the kids got to decorate construction paper eggs using glue sticks and confetti.  A tad messy, but fun just the same.  They had an egg hunt in their room for candy or money (2 pennies) filled eggs.   

Picture from Hometown Jenny  

They had chocolate, white, and yellow cupcakes... which they mostly only ate the icing.  Why can't adults do that?  Why do we feel it would be wrong for us to only lick off the precious sweetness and toss the cake away?  Sometimes it sucks to be grown up...... bet lots of people do it when no one is looking ; )  

Picture from Hometown  

                        Kids waiting for cupcakes....  

I brought some lemonade which was almost gone by the time we left.  Someone brought pretzels in, but with all the candy from the eggs and the icing... who wants those?  Grace did eat some, though...            

             Picture from Hometown                        Nikki and Ashley (Grace's 'best' friend)  

They played some games and ate some more junk.  I'd say it was perfect :)  We did talk some about the field trip to the Children's Museum next month.  I volunteered to drive (because I just like driving) and to take some kids with me and Gracie.  It'll be a blast!  

                                               Picture from Hometown

                                                  Jacob~isn't he the cutest?    

Tomorrow we're coloring eggs.... yea!  I love dying eggs, always have.  That and Christmas cookies are my favorite holiday traditions :)  Last year when we colored eggs, Grace had to dip each egg into all of the colors... this year, I'm wondering how she'll be  :)

  Picture from Hometown

Kailee~I love the look she's giving me here... like another one?  

I couldn't get a good picture of Grace today... there was so much going on~it was hard to get good shots of any of the kids.  But on a funny note~ she did put her white furry rabbit ear headband on her favorite stuffed dog and told me he ate the Easter Bunny, so now it's the Easter Doggy..... she's got an imagination.... I thought of you, too, Julie~ hence my title ; )  



                                    Picture from Hometown

                   Grace eating candy :) ~ sorry it's so blurry...    

Today was warmer out, about 55F.... and sunny!!  Tomorrow is saying rain, but it's okay~I saw the sun :)  

Happy Good Friday to everyone.....  



mum24boyz said...

what cute pics!! My son also just eats the frosting off and tosses the cake!

Robyn :)

redbaranjj said...

Awww!!!  Thanks for thinking of me!!  I love it...the Easter doggie!!  :)
Looks like the party was a huge success!!  
I am with you!!  I love to dye Easter Eggs!!  We do it the night before Easter and then leave them out for the Easter Bunny to hide in the morning.  ;)  I can't wait to do them either!!  I love to watch that imagination come out!!  Last year an egg became Josh's  
Have a great night!!!

thelovetrain said...

Just thinking, if I ever settle-in with my very own true love one day, I have to inseminate her on June 27, if I want to be able to go around stating that she laid my Easter egg.

Cute kids, no doubt.

~'B' Rabbit  E[:)]  @---->---

rebelchick2214 said...

Awww, children. I have a kajillion nephews and nieces, so I get suckered into helping with a lot of kindergarten school parties. I, personally, have no patience, but it's good that you enjoy it so much. And as far as the cupcakes go, I scrape off the icing and eat the cake part. When I make them, I just leave out the icing all together.

Human geography, by the way, is a mix of anthropology, history, spatial geography, politics, sociology, culture, etc. It clumps everything in together which is why it's absolutely impossible.

Amber -

delela1 said...

Awww, how much fun is that?!  Oh, the memories these pics bring back.  I always did love Easter.  Have a good one Cat!

sarajanesmiles said...

Lol at the kids eating the icing and leaving the cake, you're so right about that!!
And I love Grace's imagination with the dog and the bunny ears, she's a clever one for sure ;o)
Looks like they all had fun!
Sara   x

cutebutpsycho028 said...

I'm so glad you said hi on my journal and left your link, I love your journal! You have a new fan!

djzgirl71 said...

Man that makes me miss being a kid!!!!  I miss all the parties.  The only party I get now is the WAL-MART buy your crap for 5 kids Party!  I have really been missing you Cat.  I am sorry I haven't been around much lately.  This mouse of mine is giving me a hell of a time and when I am able to post or comment it can take me like 10 minutes to do so LOL.


quartrlyfecrysis said...

i was the rebel kid who scooped off all the icing and only ate the cake!  to this day I don't like much icing, Chris get's whiny cause I barely frost one half of the cake when I make it.  anything for m e to be different ;)~
I love the pictures!!  Grace is so adorable, even when she's blurry ;)  too cute about her puppy dog, what an imagination she's got *big smiles :)*
Happy Easter!!

sieblonde said...

They are all too cute!