Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Still soundless.....

My day today was pretty uneventful. 

Gracie went to school dressed in purple with her purple art to hang on the wall there.    She kept telling me she brought home a dead bird from school.  I looked in her school bag and didn't find anything (thank God), but she swears she found a dead bird at school and brought it home.  Maybe its an invisible one ;)  

I tried getting online for an hour today.  My modem connected once~then I kept getting a 'no dial-tone' message.  Enough to make me open up my tower and start fiddling.....  I checked the modem and it was fine.   

After numerous attempts to log on, I finally just unplugged my main power cord and it worked fine.  I still can't hear any music.  I even put another song in, and couldn't hear it either~guess I can live without it.... but still would like to know what happened.....  

My cold is leaving as quickly as it showed itself, thanks to Cold-Eze.  Grace started sneezing tonight, so I've started her on Airborne to try to counter it before it gets bad.  Hopefully work will go better tomorrow now that I can breathe through my nose  ;)  

A new season of 'Amazing Race' is starting tonight.  This is the one reality tv show I'd actually do.  I mean, face it, even if you don't win it... you still get to go around the world on their dime  ;)  And it doesn't involve personalities to win... its all about timing.   

NYPD Blue is showing the series finale, after 12 years.... I used to watch this show faithfully, but the last two seasons I haven't.  I got into Charmed and then all the reality shows seem to be on Tuesday nights.  Don't know if I'll watch either tonight since AR is on for 2 hours.  

Anyone seen the new Buffalo nickels yet?  I love the old ones (I collect old coins, too) so I can't wait to get my hands on some new ones.  I've only seen pictures so far.  A lot of my coins were my grandpa's that I got after he died.   

Well, I'm off to go play with my sound system some more.  Maybe I'll get it unsnagged if I keep trying stuff  ;)  

Have a good evening......  



candace636 said...

I love the song that's playing. Who is the artist?
Have you tried reinstalling your sound drivers?

thelovetrain said...

Little Grace, she's too cute... [:)]

I'm wondering if it's your mp3 files. Some that can be found and saved from the Internet, require a special downloadable plug-in for your media players, in order to play and hear them.

I want to see the new-nickels, too.

... Glad that you're quickly recovering.

~Love, 'B'  @---->---



sarajanesmiles said...

You could try the 'Here to help' journal, you can find it in my favourite sites thing :o)
I've heard good things about 'The amazing race', my cousin would LOVE to be on that!!!
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

I'm gonna have to give that ariborne a try, I keep hearing about it and you keep mentioning it...it's gotta be good.  
I don't know what to tell you about your sound, my solution to computer problems..or any electronic problem for that matter..is to beat it until it works again ;)~
My grandparents collected coins too, I haven't seen the new buffalo-nickels yet...try the bank, we always had the newest coins and would set them aside for people who asked for them.
Have a great week Cat :)

redbaranjj said...

I sure wish I could help you with your sound problems.  : (  But, I am no help there...sorry.
Can't wait to see the new nickles too!  I have a lot of my Grandma's old coins.  We are saving them for Josh.