Monday, March 7, 2005

One sick pup.....

Hello people  :)  

Did you guys even know I was gone?  Didn't even miss me, did you?  :)

I didn't really feel like writing last Thursday or Friday.  Saturday the whole family went to Bloomington for my cousin's 50th birthday party~it was a surprise party.    They roasted a hog and had a nice setup~lots of land and no close neighbors~my kind of partying place  ;) 

Bloomington is a college town (Home of IU~Indiana University).  I used to go frequently to campus parties back in my college days ~ but now those have stopped.  Kids party off campus, as to not get thrown out of school if they get caught.  

Sunday morning I got up with Grace at 6:30 and I didn't feel right.  I was drinking coffee (decaf~as always) and it wasn't sitting well.  I thought I was hungry, so I ate some Cheerios with G~big mistake, huge... gigantic.    I started retching and it didn't stop until about 1 am this morning.  I couldn't even keep a little sip of water down. 

I never ran a fever, or had any other symptoms of, let's say, a gallbladder attack.  Didn't have the headache that goes with food poisoning~so I guess its one of those nasty little bugs that was just floating by...  

I think it was the same thing Mom had last weekend.  She had a script of Phenergan from hers, but it was in pill form.  I took two and threw it up both times, so she called her doc friend for a new prescription~rectally, of course~oh the joy!  But hey, it did the trick so I'm not complaining.   

I got up around 2 am and took a shower~I was so dehydrated and it felt so good,  I stayed in there almost an hour just letting the hot water bounce off of me.  Then I got the beginnings of hunger pains.  Ha!  No way was I putting any form of sustenance into my mouth then.  I went back to sleep and woke up at 3, and I had to have a glass of milk~so I did and it behaved in my belly.  

If you've ever been on Phenergan, it is a lot like morphine (I had it after my c~section).  You never really just sleep.  You wake up every 15 -20 minutes, totally bewildered to surroundings, look around, and go back to sleep.  I did this all night~until around 4~then I slept until 6.     

Mom called into work for me last night around 8, she knew I'd wait until this morning when I woke up to see if I felt better, but she said it was best that I give myself a day to recover.  I have to agree.  But I know Mondays at daycare suck!  I'm sure they have a full house, too.  So, I imagine when I go Wednesday~they'll make it up to me.  

I'll still try and make it to class tonight.  I feel 110% better now, just a little hungover in the brain department.  But I don't have to think in this class, so I should be okay.  

Hope all of you have a great day.....  



sarajanesmiles said...

Sorry you were ill, but glad you're feeling better :o)
Of course you were missed!!
Sara   x

pixiedustnme said...

well DUH of course we missed you!  but, having a toddler, i chalked your absence up to mommy insanity :-)

redbaranjj said...

Of course you were missed!  So sorry that you weren't feeling good...but I am glad to hear you are feeling much better now!  At least you had a good Saturday!  ;)  

perkysgrl said...

Did you even have to ask if you were missed???

Glad you are feeling better... And I know I wouldn't like that med if it made you all crazy like that in the head... eww... vicodin gets me buzzed enough :)

Hope you are truly healed soon :)

vernae69 said...

To be honest, Cat, no I didn't know you were MIA, for I have been too.  I'll catch up with you soon, and I hope you get better right quick!