Monday, March 21, 2005

My Most Outrageous Fairytale....well not 'most' but within TOS..

This is for Judith's Artsy Essay Contest.  Please click to go to her place for the rules, though the contest ENDS Tomorrow, so hurry if you want to participate.  That being stated, as it is part of the rules, and.... well, just plain considerate to link to those we mention, anyway... on with my tale.


The Real Sleeping Beauty....


Once upon a time.... No scratch that.....In present day Manhattan, there is a lovely young Princess.  Her father, the King, rules over the land and his people from his corner office in a penthouse on Wall Street.  The Princess wants for nothing.  She has everything her heart desires handed to her on a silver platter.  She is treated more as a Queen than a Princess

The Princess treats people bad, is rude, talks to them as if they are dirt, and has no conscience that speaks to her when she does such things.  This Princess makes Paris Hilton look like Mother Teresa.... well, maybe more like Princess Di.  The girl is spoiled as all get out.  This is her story....

One day last year, the King met a fair maiden who worked on his staff.  He wanted to make this maiden his Queen.  He asked (well decreed, he is King after all) for her hand and the maiden accepted, because one cannot refuse the King.  The Princess, however, did not like the idea one iota.  She could not imagine her father lavishing his time and money on a new wife instead of her.  

The Princess called on her most trusted handmaiden to seek out an evil witch for a way to stop the matrimonial ceremony.  The servant went as fast as possible, taking a non-stop, red-eye flight to the witch's lair.  Once she arrived, she met quickly with the witch and hurriedly returned to the Princess with the witch's brew to curtail her father's plans.  

The Princess read the instructions the evil witch had carefully laid out for herShe sent the handmaiden to fetch an apple--not just any old apple mind you, but the most shiny, unblemished red apple in all the kingdom.  The servant returned with a nice juicy Red Delicious and the Princess injected the witch's brew into it.   

The servant fetched the soon to be Queen to the Princess' room, and the Princess gave the apple as a present to her new almost Step-mother as a gift.  Not wanting to disappoint the Princess, the almost Queen graciously accepted the gift.  The Princess expected, and was prompting her to eat it. but the soon-to-be Queen informed her she had duties to attend to, and she left without savoring even a bite.  

Little did the Princess know, her almost Step-mom is deathly allergic to apples.  So when the Princess was out in the Kingdom galavanting with all the young peasant boys, the future Queen returned the beautiful apple to the fruit bowl in the Princess' room, for she felt it was much too beautiful to let rot.  

When the Princess returnedto the castle, she was famished.  It was too late to go to the kitchen as the staff was asleep.  So, the Princess grabbed the shiny apple that seemed to call out to her 'Eat me!, EAT ME !!'  The Princess took a bite and then devoured it.  It was the best tasting apple she'd ever eaten.  

When she finished, she tossed the core away.  She began to feel very strange.  As she was slipping away to sleep, she realized she had eaten the tainted apple.  Her last thought was that the woman knew what she had done and she had tricked her 

The next morning, the handmaiden found the Princess lying on the duvet, not to be awoken no matter what she tried.  She quickly fetched the King, who sent for the very best specialists to treat his daughter.  None of them could.  The King asked the Princess' servant if she knew what happened.  Being afraid to betray the loyalty of the sleeping Princess, she simply answered no.  

Weeks passed and the Princess did not recover from her sickness.  The King had postponed his nuptials, but finally decided to carry them out.  He married the fair maiden and made her Queen.  The King whisked his bride off to a magical honeymoon, leaving his daughter's care to several new caregivers.  They work for the King in one of his lush downtown offices.   They had some expertise and knowledge of the Princess' demise, so they set about trying to cure her

The King informed them they were his last effort in saving his little girl.  The little men scurried about retrieving various objects to assist in saving her highness' life.  The King emailed them incessantly inquiring of her condition.  Their reply was always the same, 'No change, Your Majesty.'  

One day, the King and Queen returned to the kingdom so he could handle some urgent business that required his presence.  He and his new wife still had some time left for their holiday and he knew he had to spend time with his 'sleeping' daughter, so he held the meeting there, in her rooms.  

A handsome young naive in attendance at the meeting, stayed behind with the King when the gathering ended.  He inquired of the Princess and how she came to be in this state.  After the King explained, the lad told him how the Princess was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.  He asked the King if he could give his stricken daughter a kiss and the King obliged his wishes.  

The boy bent down and kissed her lips, and suddenly the Princess awoke from her slumber.  The King was so estatic at this, he told the naive he could have anything he desired.  Of course, the boy desired to marry the Princess and take her to his home.  The King stood by his word and the Princess became his bride and he became a Prince......   

.......And he lived happily ever after with his Princess on his pig farm inKentucky.    


The moral of the story:   

If you have enough already, do not want for more~ you usually end up with nothing....  


If you treat people like crap, you will end up knee deep in it......                                       

                                        Picture from Hometown    

Hope you enjoyed this version of  "Cat's-a-piece Theatre"  : )  



thelovetrain said...

I did enjoy it, thanks, and I looooove happy endings. [:)]

~Smooch... 'B'

rebelchick2214 said...

very nice, Cat! I really like the 2nd moral... there are far too many people who don't realize that. Thanks for stopping by my journal again. (You make lots of comments about being old, but just so you know... you're not that old to me. My brother is 36, and my other one is 34... I can relate.) Anyway, nice fairy tale. I'll come back to visit.

Amber -

redbaranjj said...

Excellent!!  I loved it!!  Great moral too.  :)

judithheartsong said...

great tale you have crafted and I love the moral.... how very true indeed. Thanks so much for writing :):):) Delightful! judi

vernae69 said...

Too cute, and for the love of God will you stop calling me Princess already!  Okay okay, I fogrot, the WORLD does not revolve around me...or does it?

My new nickname... email me and I'll tell you who gave it to me :)~

sarajanesmiles said...

Evil laugh at the Princess marrying a pig farmer :o)
Great story, very enjoyable reading, thanks Cat!
Sara   x

delela1 said...

Very well done, Cat.  I really enjoyed it.  And yes, we all love happy endings.  :)

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Standing Ovation!  you write so well :)
love your twists, and the morals of the story.

madmanadhd said...

Wonderful update of this classic theme. Creative twist to have the mother me allergic to apples and then innocently give it back to the princess. Also appreciate how you turned the tables and made the princess the antagonist. Your second ending give me hope for this current administrations.... several potential pig farmers there.

Here's part one of mine. Hope you enjoy.

sieblonde said...

The story came out great.  Nice job Cat!

peppypioneer said...

This a great story with a very approprite ending.  Quite creative.  Paulette

otto9613944 said...

hey i dig the story but where is the evening with the strap on? every good story has to have an evening with a strap on, doesn't it??? big smile big smile, dave.

ez2cee said...

So they made BEAUTIFUL music together.

The Blue Blood played some Blue Grass!!!