Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Week, so far.....

Monday, when I went to work, I found that Assts #1 & 2 weren't there.  Apparently #1 called in and #2 had taken  'mini' vacation to visit her new boyfriend in prison.....  Need I say any more? (To think this a daycare run by a church... lol)  

We had 2 subs in there with us, and boy did I get the low-down on the chain of command in my room.  Mrs. Lead has the credentials to be Mrs. Lead, but #'s 1 & 2 have both been there longer, so there is this whole power struggle going on.   

I knew there was tension in that room.  I was told by the subs (one who is good friends and roommates with #2) not to ever say anything I didn't want repeated to #'s 1 & 2.  No worries, I'm not there to make friends anyway.....  

When  #4 came in at 2:30, I talked to her about it, and she said she like 1 & 2 better than Mrs. Lead or the subs.  I like her, but I don't agree with what she's saying.  The two of them have been there so long, they want it how they want it, and are not willing to change.  So, any hope I have of 1 or 2 leaving seems pointless.  Oh well, I'm there regardless.  

It is still quiet without the hurricane running around, I dare say almost boring..... no, I'll take that back  :)  The day also ran alot smoother with the subs instead of the regulars.  And a lot more adult conversation going on throughout the day.  That, I liked.  

I went to my last parenting class... yea!  So, next Monday, I'll actually be able to come straight home after work.  I won't know how to act.  I have to take the final survey, another $45 in my pocket, on Saturday morning. 

So, they've already paidme $105 for surveys and will get the $200 for completing the course, too.  Oh wait, make that $175, I missed the class the Monday after I was sick on Sunday.  But still--all the money I've paid into college, about time I get paid for taking a class :)  

Gracie went to school today and when I went to pick her up, she was bawling!  I thought it was because I was the last in the car line, but I was wrong.  Her teacher told me all her classmates went to daycare after class today, and she wanted to go to!!   

OMG~ my kid wants to go to daycare!  I think she didn't like being left out is all.  So I'm considering-just considering- putting her into daycare the two days I work each week. 

I think it would be a good idea through summer so she'll have something to do besides sit at home with my dad all day.  He will take her to parks and stuff, but not frequently especially when it gets really hot outside.  What do you guys think?  

She's doing well in her big girl bed, though she fell out of it last night.  She cried and got right back in and fell back asleep, so I'd say she's got the hang of things.  She's still asking for a bottle, but only once (daily) and accepts our 'we don't have any' answer without fighting.  Whewww, that was easier than I thought and I'm still kind of waiting for her to rebel (being my kid and all).  

In other news, I've made things right between my friend and I.  We were arguing for the same reason, it turns out.... just we had different views of what was going on.  Seems we both forgot to communicate with each other and we were on the same side the whole time...  So welcome back, my friend.  I'll try harder not to repeat the same mistake  :)  

Finally, I'd like to wish (again) a happy birthday to Groovy.  One of the funniest writers I've met in J~Land (www.groovynoodles.com).  Happy Birthday, Groooooooovy~hope you made the Crue concert after all...... vomit and all other bodily fluids contained  :)   

Have a great night, J~Land.....  



thelovetrain said...

"Daycare", reads like a fun adventure for Grace, to me.

Yay, for friendship! Even wide-open quarter-mile communication dragsters, sometimes bear down upon things in their path, that are very difficult to maneuver around.

... I may begin to always say, "Practice from the truly-good, at track (and 'HEART'), makes perfect." [:)]

~Friends, Brian  @----->----



redbaranjj said...

I think daycare would be a great idea for Grace.  It's something I wish we would have done for Josh and maybe he would be more social now.  
Great news about you and your friend!!  I am glad you were able to work things out.

grooviernoodles said...

Thank you Cat!!!

Crue ROCKED!  And all of my bodily fluids were contained -- which is more than I can say for half the people around me.  ;)

I had Goth in daycare for about 2 years before she started school, and Princess for about 6 months before, but only twice a week and half-days.  I think it really helps get the kids ready for "big" school, especially if they have any social issues.  (Goth did, Princess was far from having social problems.)

Also, they make these railing things for beds for kids.  If she falls out again, you might consider getting one of those?

Thanks again for the birthday wishes.  :)

vernae69 said...

You know I run a Daycare, but that just isn't the same thing as actually having Julie in one...I often threaten her, by telling her if she doesn't behave she's going to go to another Daycare where Mommy won't be able to watch over you, and you can't do what you want...she usually stops whatever she is doing...
I'm sooo happy your friends with your friend again!

Big girl Gracie!!  Give her a high five for me!