Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Saturday Six.....

Brought to us by Patrick's place.....  

1. Do you believe that Terri Schiavo should be allowed to die or that she should be kept alive?   I think had she not wanted this, it should've never been done in the first place.

2. Has the Schiavo case made you take any action towards creating a living will of your own?  I have had a living will and advanced medical directive since I turned 18.  My parents are aware and will fully comply with my wishes, even if I didn't have these documents. 

3. Let's forget what we know -- or more likely, what we think we know-- about Schiavo's condition.  If you suffered a brain injury thatwould leave you in a non-responsive vegetative state (whether Schiavois in this state or not) and your doctors said that there was so muchbrain damage that there would be no hope of recovery, would you want tobe kept alive no matter what?  Absolutely not.  The financial burden to my family isn't worth it, not to mention~I don't feel that  is living. 

4. Has anyone outside of your immediate family ever asked you to be their "personal representative" to make such a decision on their behalf if they ever suffer a severe injury?   Yes.

Do you think you could really make the decision? Yes.  I have been involved with too many patients not to be aware of long term effects. 

And for the record~I think organ donation should be automatic-unless stated otherwise by the individual.

5. Do you have a special outfit ready for Easter Sunday?  Um.. no.
Does your family have any special Easter traditions?  We go to my Uncle's for a feast.

6. What room of your house is the absolute messiest?   That would be my bedroom. 

Would you ever let a house guest see it? Usually not.


vernae69 said...

My whole house is a right now!  Go away house guests, go away!!!

cneinhorn said...

my house is a pigsty right now, have some construction going on upstairs and we have company coming over tomorrow!  Happy Easter!


quartrlyfecrysis said...

you know, i don't think that the financial burden of being incapacitated ever crossed my mind...but glad it did.  and I totally agree about organ donation...even the small stuff matters, my dad wasn't listed as a donor on his ID but we agreed to it.