Thursday, March 31, 2005

Things that scratch in the night....

First, Gracie woke up fine this morning.  Her eye is clear and not bothering her at all :)  Thanks for all the good wishes!  You guys are the best.....  

I, on the other hand, woke up alright... but ended up throwing up once and just not feeling well.  I had a headache last night that continued into this morning.  It might have something to do with lack of sleep.....  

It subsided by 4:00, then I was hungry as hell.... so I ate some soup and drank some water.  Poor Gracie hasn't had much of a Spring Break.  Good thing she really doesn't get it yet ;)    

I am so tired of being sick with all this stuff.  It's a good thing I don't work full time there, I'd have to call in once a week, at least, from illnesses I'm contracting.  I know Kelly told me I'd be sick the first year I worked there, but I was trying to reject that theory and live in denial.... guess she may be right.  

Tomorrow is calling for rain and be less than 50F.... sigh.... guess I'll find some indoor activity to do with the girl.  We never did make it to the zoo.  Mel's Jeep had an engine problem and honestly, my money wasn't really there to splurge like that.  But we'll go when it gets warmer, so we can see everything they have to offer :)  

Here's a strange thing for you guys....  Last night we had thunderstorms that were pretty close because the thunder was really loud.  I kept hearing this noise, a scratching noise, on my window in my bedroom.   

At first I thought it was a little hail... it does that a lot here.  There are no trees on that side of the house that reach my window.  But then Kitty got all interested in the noise and creeping to have a look through my vertical blinds.   

At 2:00 am, I climbed out of bed (I wasn't asleep which sucked in itself) and had a peek for myself.  It took a few seconds for me to see him, but I was eyeball to eyeball with a raccoon. 

He was big fellow too.  Must have shimmied up the downspout.  He did a double take and immediately began his descent to the overhang below him.  Poor thing must have been trying to get away from the rain.   I don't know where he went... if he went up the house or back down to the ground. 

We had a family of raccoons in the attic before, when we were kids.  An old neighbor used to have one as a pet (she was a park ranger).  She captured Mom and babies from our attic and took them to her park.  

I hope he went back down... wouldn't want him getting stuck on the roof.  Though he is a raccoon and they're pretty resourceful climbers with their long claws, it's a long way down from on top of this house.

My sympathies for Terri's parents to find peace soon.  I doubt anyone would want to know their child starved to death... it is inhumane.  My sympathies also to her husband for having to make the choice in the first place. 

It also sounds as if the Pope (who had taken a turn for the worse today) is responding to antibiotics and has been upgraded to stable condition.  When they gave him a feeding tube, I'm sure Terri was a thought on a lot of people's minds.......

Nothing much more to write.... that's the extent of my day.   My goal is to go to bed before midnight and actually fall asleep :)  

Have a good one....  



kissofvanity said...

My my, you are MUCH braver than me!  I would be terrified to look out my window that late at nite.  And if i found myself eyeball to eyeball with anything i'd probably run and hide under my blankets!  I'm such a wuss.

Ana  ((0.~))

redbaranjj said...

It's almost midnight...are you in bed yet?????
We have tons of racoons here too...they love to tease our dogs and knock over all the garbage cans in the alley...never had one be a peeping Tom tho!!  LOL.
Glad to hear Grace is all okay today!!  And I hope you start feeling better real soon too!!  These "sickies" have to end soon right???  Well, maybe we are just getting it out of our systems before summer!!  :)
Get a good nights sleep and feel better soon!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

too funny about the racoon.  I would've screamed bloody murder!  We have massive opossums here, seeing one of those buggers would have me in fits for day..eww.  at least racoons are furry and cute :)

So glad Grace's eye is okay, I hope you start feeling better soon.  Ever since KG started I've been off and on's just lovely ;)  hope you slept well lovey!

vernae69 said...

Eek, raccoons?  Haven't seem them around these parts in years.

Poor Pope, guys been trying to die for months, they just keep saving him from the inevitable!

otto9613944 said...

hey fonzarelli, you should trap that raccoon dude and auction his ass off so that one of us could turn him into a hat. yeah, that would be so cool. i hear that they love apple jack cereal so spread some out and catch that bad boy. give me a ring when you get him, i need a good hat. have a good day, dave....