Thursday, March 10, 2005

What day? Where am I?

Well, it's Thursday... already.   

I did have to stay at work yesterday, mostly because I'd been using antibiotics in my infected eye about 12 hours and I'm an adult (ha), so I can remember not to touch it, etc.....  

I was actually okay with staying-- it is, after all~out of my house  :)  And after being with family for 7 days straight, I needed to get out....  And I wasn't made to do all the scut work to make up for missing Monday either.  

And the best part of Monday (which I missed, dammit)~Ms. Hurricane got moved to the 2's room!!!!!  Oh, glory be to God~it is sooo peaceful in our room now.  No more repeating the same phrase 1,000 times "Hurricane, we do not hit our friends"  "Hurricane, we do not slam dunk our friends or throw them over the wall"..... "no toddler tackling allowed"..... no more food fights at lunchtime.   

But I'm a little sad that I didn't get more of an opportunity to work with her.... I could've gotten to her.  And the two who moved, so far, were replaced with criers and sleep fighters.  Can't win them all, can we......  

I thought Gracie was getting pink eye, her eyes were crusty and puffy, but not red and not bothering her.... but I got her on meds anyway, just because of the gunk and the fact that I had it.  Today she was fine, no gunk or puffiness, so she went to school.  She missed her dance class yesterday though~why take the chance....  

I also registered her for her Fall Semester in the 4's class.  I got her into the morning class, since she is a morning person (so unlike her mother on this one).  So she'll be going to school M, W, F  9:00-11:15~ I think she'll do better in the mornings.   

I also had her Hearing and Speech tested a couple of weeks ago at school.  The testing was done by another agency who came into the classes.  Her hearing is great.  I know Gracie has some enunciation problems... her dad does too (which he attributes to being black). 

Her problems are with c, f, l, r, s, v, ch, and th.  Most of the sounds that involve tongue or lip placement... and the agency isn't sure if she'll learn these without help.  The letter says they'll call with recommendations.  

When I work with her one on one, she follows my lead and places her tongue where I show her/tell her and makes the sound right.  But when she's just talking (or rambling as 3-year-olds do), she's slurring up a storm.   I had to go to Speech Therapy when I was in 1st grade because I couldn't correctly pronounce 'r'.  So, I don't considerate it a big deal..... yet.  

I had to go to a staff meeting tonight.  It was rather uncomfortable, being reminded of my newness, having to sit in a row of chairs in the back of the room because the people I work with left me and Mrs. Lead teacher without a seat at a table~though they saved one for the girl who closed our room tonight.  Oh well, that'll change one day when I'm not so new.   

Tomorrow is payday.  I have to go to Sam's Club in the morning (hopefully not too much snow on the ground), then get my check.  I'm taking my buddy JC out for our favorite mexican food for his birthday (yesterday). 

He's such a good guy.  A big, bald Harley driving man who works for Eli Lilly and is trying to purchase lake front property here.  He's got the prettiest, sexiest blue eyes I've ever seen, and my fellow Green Bay fan....   

We talk about everything.... but I can talk about everything with anyone.  He confides his conquests to me, and his desires.  We even talk about the sexual problems he has had with girlfriends.  He's the only person who just calls me to say hi and see what's going on.   

We've almost grown closer than Johnny and I.  But Johnny has my brother in his house now, so I, being the surrogate when my brother is AWOL, am S.O.L in the Johnny department it seems.  Oh, now don't go worrying about me~I'll get him one of these days  :) 

Now, if I could just stop comparing them all to Grace's dad~I'd be peachy.......  

Oh, hey Julie~ Farve said he's playing another season since his wife's chemo treatments are going well...... Yippeeeeeee  

Ok, I think I'm caught up here.... and bored you all to tears once more.  I'm working on some Cat House stories, in case you guys forgot it existed, too  :)  Look for them this weekend, I hope....  

Have a great night and a pleasant tomorrow~  



djzgirl71 said...

Wow you are busy girl!!!!  I can't wait for some excitement so finish up with the Cat House and post please!

Miss YA,


sieblonde said...

Never boring.  We enjoy hearing about you and Grace and all the kids.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

ooh, new CatHouse stuff ;)  I've been neglecting my reading ;)
About Grace's speech...Pey's had some annunciation problems, especially with r's, f's, v's and making long o sounds.  Like she was trying to tell me she was playing on the 'pole' at school but it came out 'pool', i was one confused Mamma wondering how I missed a POOL in the school. dur ;)  It seems a lot of the kids have problems with annuciation in KG, so I wouldn't worry too much about Grace, I'm sure she'll pick it up :)
I hope the pink eye clears up quick, what a pain!  but hey, WOO HOO for payday!!
Take it easy doll :)

redbaranjj said...

I think it's great that you had Gracie tested now on her speech.  It was such a shock to Jim and I this year when Josh had to have speech therapy.  The earlier the better...and I learned that too late.  
I was so happy when the news broke about Favre playing another year!  And of course that his wife is okay!  Now all we can hope for is a great season!!  
Hope you feeling better...