Wednesday, March 30, 2005

In need of great earplugs....

What the heck is in the water?  

We only had 14 kids today.  One even left early, but it sounded like triple the amount.  Bunch of whiny criers today.....   When they weren't standing around crying for no reason, they were fighting (including pinching, pulling hair, and almost biting~we got to her first) to make each other whine and cry.  

Maybe it's because we're transitioning into a younger group of kids.  Maybe its because it was sunny and 74F out today and we were all cooped up inside like a bunch of panting, caged dogs...or puppies?  Whatever it is, I hope it leaves.... soon.  

Once Mrs. Lead and #2 left, the sub and I took the remaining 6 outside and let them run a muck.   It was better just to be out.... and they did get into the outside toys, since they're new to these kids.  

Came home for lunch, which mostly consists of trying to Gracie to sleep and reading as many alerts as possible before returning to work. 

Before I got home, apparently Grace had popped a balloon in her playroom.  It seems a piece may have hit her eye.  It also seems that my father didn't know.  Good thing I'm not paying for his services... he'd be fired :)  But we won't go there...

When I put her down for her nap, she closed her eye and started crying, saying it hurt.  I got her a cold cloth to put on it, but I'm fearing she scratched her cornea... that hurts like a mother.... and usually worse when your eye is closed.   

She did the samething again tonight at bedtime.  And it is a little red and watery, but she won't let me near it (since the eye drops for pink eye, her eyes are off limits to me and the mention of doctors). 

If its the same tomorrow, a call to the office has to be made.... wonder if they'll allow me to leave the room?  I always start to cry....   I know he'll need to put the drops in and check it under the blue light (been there many, many times before).  and I know she's going to fight like a Banshee....  

The joy of motherhood....  

Changed the music here... again.  I did say my last song was only temporary :)    But I know you guys will love this one, too..... Doesn't everyone?  Load main page to hear.  And if you have any cleaning to do, turn it up loud :)   

It works for me, anyway.......  

Have a nice night and a pleasant tomorrow......  



djzgirl71 said...

Poor wittle Gracie!!!!!!  Tell her I said I sorry!!!!  More than Chocolate huh?  Damn that's a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


redbaranjj said...

OUCH!!  Poor Grace!!  I sure hope she will be okay in the morning.
Keep us posted!

cutebutpsycho028 said...

I don't think I could handle your job! Lol. Hope Grace is feeling better soon :(

quartrlyfecrysis said...

As soon as the song started I flipped!!!!! LOVE JANIS! :) :) :)

I hope Graces eye is okay, that really stinks..I've never had that happen, but I know what you mean about not being able to take it when it's your kid.  Pey got a bad cut next to her eye once, and even though I've handled really bad injuries without any bit of queasiness, I lost it and had to leave the room and get sick.  It's just so different when it's your baby.  
*kisses* for Graces ouchie ;)


vernae69 said...

Love the song....Don't have many pieces left to give.

Poor Gracie, hope she never needs contacts!  

I hate when anything is wrong with my eyes, I can't imagine being 3 and having to deal with it.  

Take Care Kitty!  And oh by the way, you said something about not liking fish in Stacy's J, I thought Cats liked fish?!?!?!

Tootles Noodles~