Thursday, October 7, 2004

All's Well

two 15' pieces of rope.......................... $ 2.25

 money saved in gas by walking........  $1.50

17 exhausted three-year-olds......PRICELESS!!     


Grace's walking field trip went very well.  It was easier than any of us anticipated, for sure.  Each class had a rope with knots tied every foot or two.  Each child held onto a knot in the rope, and they actually did it!!  We made it safely across the street and drivers were actually kind enough to move towards the center lanes to give us space (just in case one decided to jump rope).   Dancing baby 3 - Click image to download.     There were the 2 teachers, the 2 room moms, and 6 parents for 17 kids, so we easily kept them herded.  All in all, a very good time without any incidents.  The poor kids looked like little walking zombies on the way back though.  I bet they all sleep good tonight.   Blowing bubbles - Click image to download.  


madmanadhd said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. It all sounds so organized! Great point about how much money can be saved by walking... not to mention the benefit to the cardio-vascular system. Love the gifs... so cute.

redbaranjj said...

awww, how cute is that!!!