Sunday, October 31, 2004

A real Horror......

Halloween here stinks.  It has for a decade, actually.  The road is too busy and the houses are too far apart for it to be considered a safe area, I guess.  Although the speed limit is 25 mph, the average is about 40.     

My brother, our friends, and I used to walk miles to acquire the luscious bounty being so freely handed out.  Gee~remember when we could actually get homemade popcorn balls, caramel apples, and those always frowned upon plain apples and not have to worry about some lunatic tampering with them?  :::ahhhh, those were the days:::    

My father, uncles and aunt walked the same path before us.  Of course with less houses spaced even farther apart, and obviously less traffic.  They talk of getting pillow cases full!    

So, tonight I'm walking  with Grace down one of the side streets (no traffic there- usually).  Out of 30 houses on this street, maybe 10 had their porch light on (the universal sign to come and get it).  We hit all of them, it was a pretty good trek as well.  She would've gone on and on, as long as I was holding her hand.... she was willing to walk anywhere.  She was also so sleepy she was a zombie.... a very courteous zombie:    

<knock on door>

'Halloweenee' comes to door with huge bowl of candy, opens door

Grace:  Happy Halloween!  Trick or Treat

Halloweenee:  Awww, aren't you cute?

Grace:  Yes, thank you

Halloweenee:  Would you like some candy, honey?

Grace:  Yes, thank you.  (pointing to each finger as she counts) Can I have one two fwee sor sive?    


Of course since there are no children around here (I saw maybe five others out walking), they would grant her wish and give a big handful.  When we were younger, goodies were handed out by the baggy full :)    People knew we had to walk a spell to get there, we were generously rewarded.     

But what made me really disgusted about this year was the number of parents I saw driving their kids around to trick or treat.  While they sat in the car, with the hazard lights on as their kids ran up to the door.  The side streets are very wide so even though there are no sidewalks, there is plenty of room to avoid any cars that happen to venture down the road.  Its pretty well lighted.  If I, the most over-protective, guarded of strangers, untrusting of society type parent, can walk my fat ass around with my 3-yr-old kid, what's their excuse?     

As we are walking, I see headlights of a minivan... then I notice the flashing orange lights.  Ok, no big deal.  I know people with disabilities may have to drive their kids, so I don't think twice about it.  We cross the street and I look down to see where the minivan is now, when I noticed it was a caravan of minivans (there were at least 6!) moving ever so slowly down the street.  The houses are separated by yards that are about 100 feet.  100 FEET!  Come on.... its not that damn far to walk.    

I am so disappointed in those parents.  The kids get buckets full of candy from just one street (due to the not many kids around and always hopeful halloweenees that there will be more than there are) and with such a great motivating factor, they'd get plenty of exercise trying to knock on as many doors as possible.  No wonder we're the fattest nation in the world and have the fattest kids.... some don't even get to walk for Halloween.  

We go to the last house and are walking home, when yet another minivan came down the street in the opposite direction, stopped, and let out a furry white rabbit who ran to the porch to get its share.  My brain was on overdrive, when the driver says 'hi, happy halloween'.  I am so glad I didn't respond with what was in my head, I simply said 'hello, you too'.  I was thinking 'look, you lazy ass, what's the deal with driving the kid trick or treating?'  :::patting self on back for showing such restraint:::  

There are certain circumstances when I have no problems with it~as I stated before.  I even get people who live in the country... with acres separating properties.  But I do not get why perfectly healthy parents can't walk with them?     

Maybe I'm wrong on this one.  Maybe there are so many freaks out there, we are going to be reduced to trick or treating in the malls.  Gosh, I sure hope not.  I think, remembering back to when we were really young and mom or dad took us, I have some of the best memories with my parents on our Halloween walks.  

I thought the walking was the fun part?!  We would always have fun.. trying to scare each other or other kids.  We would hide in the grave yard, by the wall that faced the street, lay down behind it and make ghost sounds at unsuspecting passers-by.  I feel sadthat some kids don't get to experience that.  It just doesn't seem right to me.  Am I being too harsh?    



valphish said...

Cat, I totally agree with you.  In fact, I didn't even know this was going on!  I am astounded!  I think these poor kids are being gypped of the wonderful idea of trick-or-treating.  The trek was the best part when I was a kid, even when you had to go with a parent!  I feel ashamed for our country if this is going on.  What percentage was driving compared to walking?  I get saddened when I think about how much fun I had being outside all day playing.  Now I see no kids outside.  Such a shame!

childebrand1968 said...

Val, I saw about five kids walking and six (that I could count) vehicles.  Pretty sickening odds...


djzgirl71 said...

Yes Cat I agree !  I have a sinus infection with a slight fever and I still got out and walked the blocks in 33 degree weather to share it with my kids.  No wonder American are freaking obese!


sieblonde said...

We had tons of parents/kids walking this year.  But I did notice  a few driving their kids too. I think the ones driving were coming from homes not in a subdivision (or at least not ours) so that made sense.  But the weirdest trick-or-treater that rang our doorbell was a MOM.  She said she was getting candy for her kid who was tired.  Good grief!  She definitely gets a "Pfft!"

ldebbiedeb7 said...

Not harsh at all,its sad that not enough parents think like you,everything that meant something simple and pure fun has gone out the window with Mtv,Video games,i can go on &on.....(but i wont)  Lifting my hat to you for KEEPIN' IT REAL...SISTA' ....take care,D

redbaranjj said...

I know what you mean...things have changed so much since we were kids...I saw so many things yesterday that really got me mad too...same thing you saw going house to house in the car...and its a normal city block!!!  :::shaking my head:::