Sunday, October 31, 2004

Adding to the Horror....

Now that I am re-reading the previous entry (for the hundred the time it seems, damn OCD and AOL for not liking paragraphs), I am really angry about this.    

Does gas not cost an average of $2.00 a gallon?  Isn't the atmosphere getting enough of our pollutants from our daily routines?  Do we pay so much for our vehicles that we feel a need to spend as much time in it as possible?  Someone tell me the need for taking the family car trick or treating!  

Are we really that time consumed we cannot walk our kids?  I hope that my area is the only place this is happening, I can cope with that.  I can change that.   

Some may wonder why I am ticked off so much.... it is because when my kid is older, she'll be the only one walking.  Isn't that sad?  It doesn't bother her to be different now.  I pray she stays that way forever.  But we know what trying to fit in is like and not wanting to feel the shame of being that person who is different.   

I know there are many, many neighborhoods keeping tradition alive~ they rock!  But it would be nice not to need to drive anywhere at all......  

Whewww, think I'm done now   Happy Halloween all!  



ldebbiedeb7 said...

OH ,I DONT BLAME YOU...Im a big kid myself...the whole house is decorated and music playing and i leave my front door wide open so everyone comes in....the Parents in my neighborhood even block off the ends of our streets (like a block party) so all the kids can run wild and no worries about cars......Keep your traditions alive,shell appreciate it when she is older(much fonder memories of what a great MOM she had) .....Sorry about the driving...hope the rest of the night was GREAT! D

redbaranjj said...

I think you are doing the right thing by teaching her the "real" way to trick or treat.