Saturday, October 2, 2004

Saturday Six, Episode 25

Saturday Six - Episode 25 Picture from Hometown




1. Which of the following do you trust more:  a politician, a televangelist, a lawyer, a reporter, or a doctor?

A.  Doctor, no doubt, because he usually has proof he's willing to show you.

2. What's the last song you liked enough that you actually took the time to look up the lyrics?

A.  Eva Cassidy--Fields of Gold (written by Sting)

3. Which deceased relative would you most like to spend one more afternoon with?

A.  Abraham Lincoln (7th cousin, twice removed on mom's side)

4. What is your preferred brand for:  a) toothpaste, b) soap, c) shampoo, d) laundry detergent

A.  Crest whitening, Ivory bar soap, Suave Professionals, liquid Era or Dynamo.
5. What is your favorite poem?

A.  Wow, this is a toughie..hmm..pick one? I will say Rudyard Kipling's "IF"

Tara:  How did your parents select your first name? Were you named after a particular friend/relative/fictional character or did they just like the name?

A.  I was named after my cousin Cathy (she's Cathleen and I'm Catherine).  Parents couldn't compromise on a middle name, so I got 2:  Elaine Elizabeth.  One of my profs in college actually laughed when he saw my name...he said I have one of the longest names he's ever seen (that he can pronounce, that is).  Too funny.  I do have 34 letter in my full name :)


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angeleyez1970 said...

Abraham Lincoln was your cousin? How cool is that?!! Good answers ;)