Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Twenty Questions....

From Stacy's Place (and others, I'm sure)

1. What's your favorite sports team? Football: Colts, Steelers, Packers.  Baseball: Cubs, Red Sox.  Nascar:  Newman, Kahne, Junior.

2. Do you have any brothers or sisters?  Older brother, Charles.. he's the best!

3. Superman or Batman?  Batman

4. What's the nicest gift you've ever received?  A bracelet made from my Grandma's rosary.

5. Brownies or Cookies?  Both..... no, I'm not choosing

6. What's your favorite old sitcom?  Cosby Show, Alice (don't ask... kiss my grits!)

7. Are there people from J-Land you'd like to meet face to face?  Undoubtedly!  See that list over there to the right?  They'd be the first.....

8. Have you ever been on a blind date?  No..... I've done okay on my own

9. Pack rat or neat freak?  How about organized pack rat?!

10. Soap operas or Talk Shows? Talk shows and Y&R, sometimes when kiddo is napping

11. How did you meet your signifigant other or your last ex,depending on your situation? Ex--At work, when I was 20.

12. Chicken noodle or vegetable soup?  Chicken noodle

13. Beach or Pool?  Beach

14. When someone recommends a food or beauty product, do you run out and try it?  Not as of yet..

15. Have you ever dyed your hair an "unusual" color?  I dyed my hair black and added blonde streaks before it was popular... people thought I was nuts, I think I should go into high fashion.....

16. What are you having or have had for breakfast today? A bowl of cereal, Rice Chex to be exact, and coffee (decaf)

17. What is the worst pickup line you've ever used or heard?  Can I buy you a drink with a mickey in it!   Really!!

18. Orange or Apple juice?  Orange

19. Swiffer or Dry mop? Swiffer

20. Felix or Oscar?  Oscar, he's more fun and a sports writer, which is a big plus.  But Felix can live with us (hey, he cooks and cleans).


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st0rmwhispers said...

Neat Quiz...I'll do it later and post it on my site...with the proper pimping of course....been meaning to do you anyway LOL