Friday, October 29, 2004

The weasel popped his head up.....

   So, binLaden reared his ugly head again.  I try to go straight to the source when things like this happen.  That's why I keep that link to Aljazeera on my favorite links.  And I don't know about you guys, but I happen to agree with some things he says (I will never agree with his methods).

This is what they say about Osama's new video:

  Bin Ladin: Reasons to attack US remain     

Usama bin Ladin has appeared on Aljazeera television on Friday, threatening new attacks on the United States.                          

Gesturing at the camera with a finger to stress points, bin Ladin once again took responsibility for the September 11 attacks and said reasons to attack the United States remain.

He also accused US President George Bush of deceiving the American people. (he did lie to us about Iraq being a direct threat, WMDs, etc)

"Despite the fact that we are into the fourth year after September 11, President Bush is still misleading you and hiding the real reason from you, which means that the reasons to repeat what happened remain," bin Ladin said. (he is referring to our alliance with Israel, which I think we are biased where Israelis are concerned-- I believe the Palestinians deserve their own State--they have been treated unfairly in Gaza and the West Bank)

In his address just four days ahead of the US presidential election, bin Ladin also said the US administration resembled "corrupt" Arab governments.

Looking healthy

Apparently sitting or standing at a table against a neutral brown background, bin Ladin wore a white head covering and white tunic under a light brown cloak.

Reading from a sheet of paper, his voice was strong and he appeared in fair health.

He accused Bush of reacting slowly to the September 11 attacks, saying: "I never thought that the supreme leader would leave 50,000 of his people in the two towers to face the terrifying events alone at the time they were in need for him." (I'm not sure, but I think he's referring to Bush continuing to read to the kids while the Towers were burning and falling)

Refering to next week's elections, he told Americans: "Your security is not in the hands of (Democratic candidate John) Kerry or (President George W.) Bush or al-Qaida. Your security is in your own hands ...."

"We decided to destroy towers in America," because "we want to regain the freedom of our nation," bin Ladin said.

Bin Ladin also said the United States considers "killing innocent people including children in Iraq" a legitimate act. (Um, so does binLaden)

He said the United States has dropped millions of tonnes of bombs on Iraqi children, just for the sake of replacing an old agent with a new one to plunder Iraqi oil wealth. (the plundering remains to be seen)

Bin Ladin said the September 11 attacks was in response to the injustices by the United States.

That's all they wrote.  Enough on Osama. I am sure we will be targeted again (I'm still glad I don't live in the Middle East and deal with it daily).  I'm sure more innocent people are going to die, and I'm sorry for that.  

I also believe we should respect all other religious cultures for their beliefs, even if they're different from ours.    Did you know the same stories in the Bible are in the Koran?  David and Goliath, Sodom and Gamora, Jesus, (I have to check on Adam and Eve),etc.  Muslims believe in honoring thy mother and father, not fornicating before marriage, praying 5 times a day~dawn, noon, afternoon, evening, and night (not sure of exact times), completing the Hajj, or trip to Mecca to pray at the Dome of the Rock, in their lifetime, to fast during Ramadan (30 days) to understand what it is like to starve (teaches empathy, they do eat after sunset until dawn).  We don't have that kind of religious fervor here!  Not for a majority of us, anyway. 

Yes, in some extremes they do cut off the left hand if one is caught stealing.  They do stone a woman if she is found in a precarious position with a man she is not married to.  But we have religions here that do not allow women cut their hair, wear makeup, or pants; some still see women as second class citizens; some religions here even frown upon our modern conveniences like electricity, plumbing). 

So before we go lumping up all the religions and casting judgement, let us remember it is not our place to judge others, only God's--no matter what name he is called by.  

For anyone here who does not know the history between the Palestinians and the Israelis (I thought I knew until I saw this), I suggest 'The 50 years War'.   PBS and BBC (I just love those two) air this show several times a year.  I also have the book. 

It is a documentary showing both sides factually.  But it is a basic insight as to why America is frowned upon by our Eastern Counterparts, including Israel).    Now, our beloved (and I use that term jokingly) President has gone and stirred up another bees' nest in the region.  I don't know if John Kerry will be a good President, but I sure know Bush hasn't been to the people I know! (Of course, none of them are in the top 10% of the nation's wealthiest)   

Vote next Tuesday, 4 days and counting....  







st0rmwhispers said...

I have friends of all religions, and friends who are of various minorities and radical groups...I don't like war...I am a raging democrat still I hate Bin Laden.  He does not represent Muslims.  He represents evil.  I would like to see him strung up between two very tall buildings and watch a plane drive through him.  He deserves no mercy.  Of course I am not sure Bush deserves any either....

Kerry sure can't do any worse...and I think he is going to be an incredible President.

valphish said...

I believe in religious tolerance and love.  I surely, surely do.  I also believe in empathy.  I believe in trying to understand the other person.  I believe in thinking about the whole country when voting on the 2nd.  We can't afford to be selfish anymore.  Wow, seeing Bin Laden on TV and in your journal just blew steam out of my ears.  I am so not happy if anyone would use his twisted logic to make decisions on voting.  I am not saying you shouldn't have him in your journal, by all means.  I am saying people should be smart and astute.  Al-jazeera burns me up also.  They are terrorists themselvs.  9/11 hit too close to home for me.

redbaranjj said...

Great entry Cat!!  
You gave alot to think about here...

And I will be at the poles on Tuesday!!!  Lets just hope the better man wins!!