Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Its going to be a long, hard winter.....

Not from snow, but from my baby being sick.  We thankfully escaped Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, but now she has some intestinal thing that's been going around!  If it is not gone by Monday, to the Doc we go.  It takes about four days to clear up after starting (today) a bland diet....oh yeah, this ought to be fun.  Good thing she likes eggs, dry toast and dry cereal already!  Yes.... I am looking at the bright side of this...... well, trying anyway.  

Grace has had 'wash your hands after potty and before you eat' drilled into her head, I chatted up Mrs. Preschool Teacher and Ms. Dance Teacher, and I've armed them both with Lysol Wipes, Spray, and hospital-use hand disinfectant (C-Stat, compliments of my ex-employer :::winks:::).  Good thing, too, because I have a feeling there's a lot of germs waiting to invade my daughter.  

She's out of school tomorrow (Stacy, we'll be chatting at, so I went and got "The Rescuers" and "Monsters, Inc" for her to watch tomorrow.  I love this new video place, Family Video.  All their kids movies, educational movies and exercise tapes are free! Not new releasesof course, but!  For 2 days, but all I do is call and tell them I want it longer and ok, its still free!  Hope you have one in your neighborhood :)  

Big Brother update:  (No, not the show: mine)  He is moved in and settling at Johnny's house (wish it was me..yummy.. lol).  He has an interview Tuesday (fast, huh?) at a company looking for a few good mechanical engineers.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that!   

Kitty has adjusted well to her new home here, until my brother saves enough to buy a house.  She gets along with Forrest quite well.  I can tell by the way they chase each other around at 5 am, including the cat game of 'jump on /over the sleeping body on the bed'.  After that, its 'kitty sprints' to seewhich can run up and down the stairs faster (and the loudest).  To wrap up their night (about 6:30am), its feline wrestling on my bed, of course.  Gosh I had forgotten what young kitties were like....  

Update on me:  I am still smoking only 10 cigarettes a day.  I am working out 30 minutes a day, trying to build enough stamina to go on 'The Biggest Loser'  I would go, too!  Anyone care to join me?  I started walking, but with Grace being sick, she can't really go, so I have been going up and down the stairs like 20 times daily (we have 18 steps).  I'm not as fast as the cats.  My legs are killing me, but not upper body... guess I need to work that harder.  

I have to get a part time job.  Not only to get some income (its a long time until tax season begins and I need Christmas present money!).  So, down the street (about 10 minutes walking time) is a bakery that is looking for part time counter help.  Yeah, this is my calling as I am a glorified baker... it would be great insight into owning one someday.  But gees, the timing of it..... guess there's no better way to learn to resist temptation, right?!  Or like Dad says, 'you'll eat yourself sick of them'.  Hmmmm.....that has never happened yet.   

I am still thinking of a department store like Target or Sears, but it must be something that closes for the night!  After years of working at a new place of employment must have opening and closing times.  I even thought about Hobby Lobby (because they're closed on Sundays, I can still see the football games) or something like it.  I'll find something.  

Ok, that's all from me for today.  Hope all have a great night!  



djzgirl71 said...

I hope your little angel gets better quick and is up tearing her room apart soon!  Just Kidding...but seriously, I hate when kids are makes me sad :0(
I will be around so hollar at me!


vernae69 said...

Oh i hear ya on the sicknesses, It's been non stop since Oct. 1st here.  And working with food?  Hmm, might be tough, but it might make you stronger, resistant is a great personality trait....

redbaranjj said...

I hope Gracie starts to feel better soon!!  We didn't get that one yet and it's going around from what I hear...  :::sigh:::
Good job on the cigs...I went up again...  :::sigh:::
AND hey!!  Good luck on finding a part time job...I have been thinking the same thing lately not only to get our debt down...but some extra Christmas money is always a good thing!

valphish said...

Feel better soon, Gracie!!  Those intestinal things can be awful.  Keep up the good work with the stares!  I will pray that you get the right job, Cat!!  You inspire me!