Friday, October 22, 2004

Some quizzes

Again, from Debbie's Place:


Do you control your emotions well?  Go here to find out.  What it said about me.....      You are well balanced person, an expert in controlling emotion. You know when to freely reveal your emotion and when to hide them. Due to this characteristic, you are liked by most of the people around you.    


Personality Test     I am a 'D' person: You are always looking for new things and new places. You complete every task with enthusiasm, never doubting yourself, or holding yourself  back.      


How sociable are you?        You are a very sociable person and your friends like you very much. You are very considerate and constantly thinks for others. Your friends feel very lucky to know you.  


valphish said...

Kat, in all three tests I got ended up in the same categories as you.  Interesting.  Perhaps we are a big alike.

valphish said...

Meant to say "bit alike".  Had to fix that. lol

visionarydiva1 said...

I think you have me addicted to the quizes now. I was up all last night doing them. Thanks for the new ones. I will have them posted soon I'm sure LOL

redbaranjj said...

You are a very good friend, and I am very glad to know you.

ldebbiedeb7 said...

Ha! This looks great! Arent those test so fun!!! Have a great weekend ,D ask the muse