Tuesday, October 12, 2004

They're Baaaack


I can't believe it.  As a teenager of the 80's, I fell hard for this group.  Real Hard.  I collected anything Duran Duran I could find.  Simon LeBon was my first husband...lol.    Well, it seems the new reunion album, Astronaut (released in London August 11and is doing extremely well there) is being released today.  The group hasn't lost their touch considering their long separation.  They were on Good Morning America this morning and will be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow morning, and let me tell you.... they still have the same sound. 


Their new song, 'Sunrise', is typical of Duranof that sound.  Simon still looks good...... time has done him well ::wink, wink::  Nick Rhodes, keyboards, has changed the most, I think--he's the one standing here

I hope there is still an audience for their music.  I still like it, but I like everything from Amadeus (Mozart) to Outkast and everything in between.  I'll have to add Astronaut to my Christmas list.  Do do do - do do do - do do do - do do do - do -do do.


vernae69 said...

I loved Ordinary World of their last known album.........

redbaranjj said...

I loved them when I was teenager in the 80's too!!!
I still have their "albums"!!!!

valphish said...

Good for them!  I am like you, I like a wide range of music.  I must check out this album.  Cooool!