Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What the.....?

So, I get this note stapled to Grace's school bag (preschool) saying that last Wednesday (my birthday, too) there was a kid with a case of Hand, Foot, and Mouth found.  She only goes to school 2 days a week from 12:30-2:45.  I don't get why some parents take their kids out to public places when they are sick (sometimes obviously!!  oh, and Drs offices excluded).   What, in the name of all that is good, is Hand, Foot, and Mouth??  I know cattle and livestock get hoof and mouth disease...is it along the same lines?  It sounds just nasty.  Guess I'm going back to WebMd.    Now I remember why I never liked taking Grace around other kids in public......crikes!  She has made it to three years without ever being on any type of prescription meds....... I foresee that changing fast.  I just know she'll end up getting her first antibiotics soon :::wahhh wahhh:::    Off I go.....   Cat


vernae69 said...

I run a Daycare and I have to say that is the one thing we have never had here.  Julie will be 4 on Saturday and just had her first antibiotic in May..and certainly not her last.

perkysgrl said...

Oh Icky.  Sorry to hear that you might have to deal with that.  Hopefully you won't!!  In high school, I participated in FFA and we raised animals.  All I know is that one of our sheep came down with that and we had to step in and out of bleach before coming and going and make sure we washed our hands and all that wonderful stuff so we didn't get it or give it to another animal... needless to say, it wasn't fun!  Hopefully all ends well and you won't have to worry.