Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Me? A hypocrite?

So, I'm thinking about this foot, hand, mouth thingy and I realize that Grace was sick on Sept. 22 (it was a week before her birthday, that's how I remember ...... don't go thinking I write this stuff down or anything ).  For about 2 days running a high fever and laying around (then a low-grade temp for a couple more days..but she was really active).  Now, my mom says she saw what she said were pustules (you know, like strep throat or tonsilitis).  I never saw any sores in her mouth and the girl was drinking orange juice and limeade.  I would think if she had blisters or sores, that would've hurt.    


Anyway, this was a few days after her dance class where there was an obviously not-feeling-so-well girl.  She stood on the dance floor holding her arms crossed and shivering so bad her teeth were chattering.  I seriously considered taking Gracie and leaving, but I pay for the lessons, too and it wasn't my kid (or... ummm... we wouldn't have been to class that day, d'uh).  Not to mention Grace was actually watching and listening to her teacher, Miss Ashley.  That's probably the 3rd time she's actually danced (and not scooting around on all fours barking at her mates).  I did tell Grace not to get close to her or her sister (in the same class), yeah, like that was going to work.   


  A week later, Grace got sick (and we didn't go to class... lol).  So, considering it was two weeks after Grace was sick, I am not so sure she didn't have H,F,M.  I never saw sores on her feet or her hands, either though.  It sounds like the sores are pretty obvious, but it doesn't say the incubation period.  I hope she didn't spread it if she did have's pretty contagious, but Grace is used to washing her hands after potty-ing and always before eating.  Then again, I'm not at preschool with her, so I don't know if that's real enforced there..... but I'm thinking her teacher, Mrs. Ball, and I are going to have to have a chat soon.   


Til next time....



redbaranjj said...

When Josh had it, there were no sores on his hands a feet...just in his mouth.  Hope Gracie is feeling better.

visionarydiva1 said...

I recently had  a little chat with the teachers of both of my sons. They both came home with pink eye. I went to the school to let them know and I was informed by both teachers (at different schools) that a student in the class had it at one point. The teachers then told me that the parents of these children told them that it was contagious if they used the drops (obviously they were misinformed). I had to let the teachers know that with something like that it is too easy to pass it on and that the children who have it and it is obvious that they have it should be sent home. Needless to say they understood but only after my sons (and who knows who else) has gotten it. I don't understand why parents send their children to school like this. They should just be better safe than sorry.

I have been reading through  your journal and I like it. Anyway, I hope that you get a chance to view my journal sometime.

Have a nice day.

visionarydiva1 said...

Yeah we are both coctails LoL