Saturday, October 30, 2004

Weekend Assignment

Here's my weekend assignment:  

They say here lies Cat

She died where she sat

'Puterin' with a smoke in hand    

She was readin' email

(loadin slow as a snail)

from friends here in J-Land    

When all at once

I heard nothing but grunts

I ran in to see what was wrong    

I came to find

she'd lost her mind

Guess dial up does take too long!    


Extra Credit:  I'm doing my brother, Charlie    

There lies my brother, Charlie

He wrecked on his Harley

Took a turn too fast

He just couldn't get past

Losing that can of Beef with Barley.    


It's our favorite soup, too!  

Epitaphs completed.  



I had this in a nice format of three verses (on mine).. but AOL is being stubborn tonight....



djzgirl71 said...

good one cat..guess i need to do mine when i feel better!

st0rmwhispers said...

OMG....You can DIE from "dial up"....I think Hubby is trying to kill me because he refuse to get me cable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loved the concept....believed it!  LOL

valphish said...

Oh, I LOVE those, Cat!! LOL!  I must take a crack at the assignment.  Been putting it off.  You inspired me!  Great job!

madmanadhd said...

Ahhh yes the slowwwwww and ever so painful death of dial-up. Put a puter on my stone and leave me all alone. Wonderful effort, quite the bard. Put me to shame but all the same please come join the fun and see what I'VE done. wamrest regards.

maidothemist said...

LOL Those were fun to read :)